Nicholas Davidson
RepairBucket, LLC
[email protected]
This company is very unprofessional & borderline nasty.

I found them on a business networking site which is fairly new & since I don’t want to tarnish the networking site, I won’t mention it here, as I know the owner of it.

Anyway, I read one or two messages from this Nicholas person, was curious about this site they were building, & so I naturally went to it.

I saw their tagline “Helping neighbors make ends meet.” & decided that this would be a good idea since there are times I need help around the house for things, I’m new to my area, & if I wish to hire someone, I’d rather do it on a site other than Craigs List.

From the minute I signed up, I was given the 3rd degree from this Nicholas Davidson about what my company does.

What that has to do with me hiring a cleaning lady, esthetician, hairdresser, or computer techie for my computer is beyond me, but then I thought maybe he was suggesting I use his site to hire staff for my team as well. I thought he was just being curious & giving me ideas on how to use his site.

So I tell them I do many things, but my main company helps people in the escort industry, & maybe this would be a good place to find staff too since I wasn’t initially thinking along those lines since the site was really about people getting to know people in the neighborhood.

The next thing I know, I’m being told I’m not welcome by this judgmental close minded person who can’t even understand English properly.

He thinks I’m going to advertise an escort agency on his site.

I never said any such thing & never even implied it.

I don’t even own an escort agency, & if he had taken the time to actually read what I wrote instead of being ignorant, he would have realized my company had nothing to do with why I was signing up, but it seems he was out to get me from the getgo.

He has no signups, he should have been happy that I was his first signup.

I was very genuine, curious, & honored to help him start off his new site, & instead I get this negative condescending attitude. I don’t care if he wished me well, how I was treated was ridiculous.

Your choice if you want to deal with people like that.

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