Papas Pizza – Brampton, Ontario

This review is only for the Brampton location.

I ordered from them & me & my son didn’t like their chicken, but enjoyed their pizza.

The first time I ordered, I had to deal with a slow order taker because he had to stop & ask almost every question I asked to someone else.

I had a lot of questions because they not only didn’t list the ingredients of their speciality pizzas on their flyer, they didn’t even have it on their website.

Later on the girl made a good point that there was no room on the flyer for that, but there was no excuse for it not being on a website that can hold unlimited information.

I ended up wasting a lot of my time ordering because I wasn’t able to see things ahead of time. You will find out why this was important later on in the story.

I was wondering why this person he was asking questions to never came to the phone, but was patient with him nonetheless.

Finally the girl did come on the phone & seemed strained at one point when I was trying to get the order done. At this point I didn’t know it was a foreshadowing of what was to come, I thought it was just because they were busy.

When we got the order, they had screwed up on the hot peppers. I said easy on the hot peppers, they must have put double the amount & I could barely eat the pizza because I don’t like spicy food.

I didn’t phone to complain.

Also they gave us some pops, but had never asked which pop we wanted, so my son wasn’t happy that they were all pepsis.

I took note of all of this, but just shrugged it off.

Then about a week or so later my son wanted to treat me to a pizza because it was my birthday.

I called them up & a guy answered.

When I asked him what I had ordered so I could refresh my memory, there was a huge communication problem.

He kept rambling off what toppings I had & I wasn’t understanding because I had replaced one of the toppings & I thought it was the onions, but it wasn’t.

After this went on for about 4 minutes, he told me to hold on & then passed me to this girl, who I’m guessing was the same person I spoke to the last time, but I can’t be 100% certain.

Within 30 seconds she cleared up the miscommunication, & I proceeded to order.

I had mentioned to the guy I didn’t like the chicken last time & he ignored me.

I didn’t dwell on it, I just wanted the pizza, but of course I took note of the fact that I didn’t get any kind of empathy & I had spent a lot on the chicken, fries & gravy & it all sucked. I had to pawn it off onto my son who didn’t eat all the chicken either. In fact 3 pieces sat in the fridge & went to waste.

When I was finishing up with the girl, I figured I’d tell her about the hot peppers & pop issue because I thought they would want to know to correct the problem from happening again.

Oh how wrong I could be. Instead of apologizing or giving me something for my troubles, she just ignored me. Must run in the family to ignore customers when they have an issue.

So now I was starting to get my back up because she too was ignoring me. When the dead silence was too much for me to handle, I said something like, the least you can do is apologize. She said something like, “you aren’t making a suggestion, you are complaining” or something similar. They must have taught her that at couples counseling LOL & while I agree that’s great communication when it comes to a relationship, I’m not dating or married to this person.

I was like oh my god, I am supposed to make suggestions on how they shouldn’t screw things up in the future instead of just telling them? Who am I, their business consultant? Well yes I could be, but in this case it wasn’t a matter of me recommending they do something different, these were 2 mistakes they had made, that they were responsible for.

And her & I weren’t even talking about the chicken here because I had only mentioned it to him, not to her.

At the point I was telling them these things, I wasn’t expecting much, just a simple apology, & maybe surprise in someone’s voice like:

“oh I’m sooo sorry, the chicken wasn’t good, let me look into why that happened, what was wrong with it”, or

“they put that many hot peppers on it? Oh I’m sorry, that must have frustrated you because you couldn’t eat the pizza”,

but when she had the nerve to tell me I shouldn’t be complaining, I should only be suggesting things to them, then I started to get upset.

Then she makes the remark, “I don’t know why it’s so difficult to place your order.” & I thought ok, maybe there is something wrong I should know about, so I said why is it difficult to place my order. I was sincerely thinking maybe they had a computer problem, pizza maker problem, or something that explained the 2 mistakes & terrible chicken.

But after a few minutes I instead realized she’s saying I’m difficult to deal with probably because I ask questions so I understand things, I make comments & I tend to joke around. I noticed when I was joking with her earlier about shitake mushrooms, I got stone cold silence.
I stopped right then & there & knew I would never deal with these people again.

She had been not only been unfriendly, but down right rude to a customer, & they took NO responsibility for any problems we encountered.

I told her she just lost a regular customer, & hung up the phone.

My son was upset because it was my birthday & he couldn’t believe how they treated me.

End of story.


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