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Well with this company I’m at a loss as to what even happened, but I’ve since found out that the collection industry is very shady & at least the 2 (this one included) I’ve dealt with so far are pretty much computer illiterate, they don’t use websites or databases to make their their job run smoother & make it easy for the client (me) to work with them.

I hired Ralph’s company around 06-26-07.

I told him before I even hired him, that I wanted a list of every client I gave him so I’d be able to see who I sent him, who he collected on etc.

Within a month he collected on one client, so I thought this guy was really good.

We talked on the phone once for almost an hour, & he seemed like a nice person.

Unfortunately when it came to him sending me a cheque for the money he received, his office screwed things up.

First they didn’t ask me who to make the cheque out to & where to send it, so 3 times they had to send it to me before I could get a cheque that was cashable.

Then they didn’t get the money in USD which is what all of my products are charged in, so I lost money in the end. (This was before the US dollar dropped below the Canadian dollar – can you even imagine??? LOL)

Then I started to notice that Ralph wouldn’t respond back to e-mails, so that was a HUGE problem for me since e-mailing is 90% of how I communicate with team members, businesses, etc.

I’d e-mail the guy, he would read the e-mail & then just ignore me. I ended up having to call him just to get a response.

This happened at least 5-7 times over the course of 3 months, & I would say to him, “why aren’t you responding back to me?”

He would just shrug me off with excuses.

Then on 09-27-07 when I had to once again call him to chase him down, he sounded weird on the phone, like he was angry with me or something, so me being the open person I am wrote to him asking him what was wrong. Well low & behold, what do you think he did again?

He IGNORED ME, so now I really thought something was wrong. I called him again & he was like, “Oh you weren’t joking around? I thought you were joking around.”

Ok, yeh, I always joke around about serious things – NOT!

Then on 10-17-07 with no warning, no phone call, nothing I get an e-mail saying “Your Account has been Closed, all efforts exhausted.”

Had Ralph & I not talked on the phone 2-3 times in a friendly manner, then maybe this wouldn’t have been such a shock to me, but this abrupt 1 lined e-mail threw me for a loop.

I had already started looking for another collection company to fill this position because Ralph’s lack of customer service & behviour was just too stressful on me, but still, the way he acted was a total shock.  I only deal with nice people & I NEVER chase people. That’s passive aggression big time.

So I wrote him back & told him I was already looking for another company because of his lack of customer service & here’s what he wrote back…

“Your business is shit. Period”

When I told him he was going on my blog, his response was…

“I can imagine what kind low lives read that, Michelle”

So, what I find amusing is this…

  1. Ralph was never able to respond to any of my e-mails, yet when he wants to act like an ass, he’s very e-mail friendly.
  2. He thinks if you are reading this you are a low life.

Ralph, it’s clear you think the internet is just a fad & isn’t serious business.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have since found another collection agency & he sounds like a sweatheart. Let’s hope he really is one 


1 thought on “DebtCollect Inc. Risk Management Solutions”

  1. Ralph has responded to a post that he says no one will ever read.

    I will paste what he said, then I will respond.

    “In response to this review the reason our customer service came to a complete halt was that we learned that the online business program this alleged company was selling was for PROSTITUTION.
    The company sells business plans to recruit vulnerable young girls into selling themselves for money. It basically gives details on how to become a PIMP/MADAME and open an “ESCORT AGENCY”???
    I have reported this lady to the Ministry of Consumer and Business Affairs and I will also report her on this site.”

    Ralph knew from the minute one of my assistants was searching for a reliable, ethical collection agency that we sell educational books for the escort industry.

    In fact, Ralph went so far as to tell her and me that one of his clients is an escort agency, but above, he claims he didn’t know what we did & is SHOCKED.

    He tries to make the escort industry into something seedy when Ralph is clearly the one who is seedy & has tons of issues, one of which is being a chronic liar.

    Ralph & I discussed the industry on more than one occasion, & now he is trying to make me out to be the bad guy here hoping you will believe what he is saying & ignore my comments.

    First, there is NOTHING wrong with the escort industry.

    Yes, some people are sleazy & unethical, but as you can see, you will find such people in any industry.

    As for luring unsuspecting girls into the industry, LOL, nothing could be further from the truth.

    I educate them on how to become a professional escort, so they are getting the truth from me so they understand what the profession is all about. It’s totally up to them if they wish to become escorts.

    I’m TOTALLY against forcing anyone to become an escort. Anyone who knows me, knows my views on this.

    There is NOTHING wrong with prostitution (in fact it’s totally legal in Canada) unless you have issues with your sexuality, are a religious judgmental person, or in Ralph’s case, he agrees with it when it’s convenient for him, then blasts the industry when it suits his case.

    Women have every right to do whatever they want with their time and body whether you agree with that notion or not. No one owns a person’s body except the spirit inside it.

    The government and police can try & control society and the people who live here, but they will never be able to because we are all free spirits.

    As for pimps, sure, some escort agency owners are pimps, but I do my best to change the industry by teaching them the proper way to run an escort agency.

    That is one of my goals with my company.

    It’s the person who runs the company/business that matters, who they are as a person, their morals, their values, ethics, etc.

    Judging everyone based on one industry is clearly ignorant, but in Ralph’s case, he was just doing it out of spite, rather than total ignorance.

    Ralph can threaten and accuse all he wants, this only further shows what type of person he is.

    As I always say, look to the owner of a company to find out why their staff treats you the way they do, because an owner who cares would NEVER allow their staff to treat their clients in this way.

    In this case, Ralph was both the rep and the owner.

    Let’s not forget how happy he was when he collected from one of my delinquent clients. Mr. Ralph who has two faces didn’t say “I can’t take this money because of the industry.” Of course he couldn’t say that, he already knew what we do.

    Thank you

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