Axe Music in Calgary & Edmonton Alberta (Canada)

So I never bought from this company, but I was ready to.

I called them when they were still closed & their voice mail message recording was totally unprofessional.

The girl recording it stopped midway through finishing, there were people calling her in the background, & the hours didn’t match up to what was on their website. I really didn’t care, but thought they would want to know because I’d want to know if my company sounded like a hole in the wall.

So, I left a message telling them they should check their voice mail recording because it sounded unprofessional. I also left my name & number because I was inquiring about a product on their website.

When the manager called me back, he was like “what can I help you with?” I said, “Didn’t the person tell you why I was calling?” He was like, “No, all I got was a name & number.”

This is another issue I have with companies, & they aren’t the only company that has done this…

People who take down the message don’t write it out in full. All they do is take down the name & number, so the customer has to waste time repeating themselves all over again.

So I told him this was the situation, & also about the problem with the VM message.

His response was dead air.

Finally he speaks asking if that was the only reason I was calling, & I said “no, but if you don’t care about what I just said, then I’m not interested in doing business with you.”

He hung up the phone on me.

Good to know this is how they treat people with not just poor customer service, but not even taking responsibility with how they portray themselves to the public.

I will take my money & buy elsewhere.


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  1. I also was not impressed with this company. I placed an order on a Monday so that I could have my item by Friday at the latest. After not receiving a confirmation e-mail by Thursday I phoned them and was told that my item would be shipping that afternoon (which was a lie). No confirmation e-mail. Finally at the very end of the day on Friday I got a tracking number just in time for the weekend — when they don’t deliver.

    By now it’s standard for items to ship within 24 hours of ordering and axemusic falls short of that standard. I don’t like being lied to, and I don’t like having to wait 4 days for my item to get shipped.

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