This is Judy Nichols’ experience – if you need her e-mail address, please contact me, as I can’t put it on the site. 75 W. Baseline Road – Suite 6 Gilbert, AZ 85233 1 800-417-0024 [email protected] purchased an opal necklace that came broken and the opal stones at are fake.  Poor customer service … Read more

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line Review Carnival Cruise Line CEO – Jerry Cahill So I’ve been cruising with Carnival Cruise Line since 1989, & while I couldn’t afford to take a cruise every year, when I did, I always ended up with Carnival because their pricing was a little less expensive. It seemed that there was always … Read more

Alibi Network

Alibi Network So I joined their affiliate program because I needed to market their services to a specific group of potential clients. I told someone else about the service, & she was interested in joining too. I e-mailed Alibi Network to ask if their affiliate program had a 2nd tier in place. They didn’t … Read more

Axe Music in Calgary & Edmonton –

Axe Music in Calgary & Edmonton Alberta (Canada) So I never bought from this company, but I was ready to. I called them when they were still closed & their voice mail message recording was totally unprofessional. The girl recording it stopped midway through finishing, there were people calling her in the background, & … Read more