100% Pure & Aquadessa

I have purchased twice from this company spending anywhere from $80-125 both times.

The first time I had a problem when one of their shower gels came to me only 3/4 of the way full.

The man (can’t remember his name) was very nice & sent me a replacement bottle.

The next time I purchased I dealt with one of the owners  – Susie.

She was very nice on the phone, but it does take her  a very long time to explain things & get her thoughts & recommendations out. I had some questions about which products I should purchase, so this was irritating because it took so long, but I was very patient & proud of myself for that.

We got disconnected a couple of times, but finally I was ready to place my order, so I left a message with a girl that Susie had to call me back right away otherwise I couldn’t order.

Susie never called me back in time, so I couldn’t order.

I waited another couple of months before I tried again, & this time I finally got my order placed.

When I recieved this natural lip color stick along with everything else, it wouldn’t roll up, so I called the company & left a detailed message with someone for.

She never returned my call.

I called again, still no return call.

After trying a 3rd time with still no return call, I finally gave up.

Then after 4 months went by, I decided to try one more time 1 1/2 weeks ago. I figured maybe it was a staffing issue.

This time I got the girl’s name, it was April.

I complained that I had never been called back dating all the way back to July. She said she herself would call me back & she apologized.

Of course you know what happened, no one ever called me back.

So while they seem nice over there, clearly they don’t care about their customers.

Nothing irks me more than people who put on a show & their actions don’t match with how they treat you. At least if you are going to be disrespectful, do it right on the phone so I don’t have to give you my money.

They also have website issues. I tried to tell Susie this before because I wanted to help them, but clearly she didn’t listen.

Now when I bring up their site, the window only opens up 3/4 of the way full. Last time there was text on top of text.

Whoever does their website for them doesn’t know the first thing about coding, & how to make their site work properly in different browsers.

This is a side issue, but I do get irritated when a company doesn’t know what they are doing online.

Having a quality website is paramount to running a good business.

Thank you


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