I thought there was a www.headsets.ca, but I guess I was wrong.

What www.headsets.com does though, is respect Canadians, and allows them to purchase and send items to Americans.

I was looking for a headset for my assitant, as he’s been with me for over 3 months now and he deserves a present.

I called up Best Buy, Circuit City, and Walmart in the States, because my assistant lives in the US.

I wanted to use my US credit card, but of course the address on my credit card statement is here in the Toronto area.

None of these companies allowed me to order through their site using my Canadian address, it’s like they didn’t even care that a Canadian may want to purchase for someone in the States.

Nothing irks me more, than American companies who give Canadians a hard time. If you don’t respect your neighbours to the North, I would NEVER give you my money.

I didn’t want to purchase from Best Buy or Circuit City here in Toronto, because the shipping would be more expensive, and if my assitant wanted to return the item, he’d have to ship it all the way back to Canada because the Best Buy in the US sure wouldn’t take it.

In fact Walmart doesn’t even allow you to order from their site and have the product shipped, all they do is have the items shipped to the closest store. I guess Walmart is such a small company, they can’t afford a good programmer and website coder.

I was going to buy him a Plantronics headset, so I contacted Platronics customer service through their site, but the guy who helped me wasn’t too bright, and he was making suggestions that made no logical sense. I don’t think he understood I’m over here in Canada. I guess you have to tell them several times before it sinks in.

So anyway, after wasting an hour to an hour and a half of my time on something that should have taken 15 minutes tops, I finally decided to search on Google, and came across www.headsets.com.

From the moment I called I was treated with respect. It was clear they really value their customers.

The only glitch I had was that she gave me the price in Canadian dollars, and I thought it was in US dollars, so when I told her that their amount was so much higher than Best Buy’s price, she told me to write away to their price protection department.

Unfortunately they were closed since it was early Friday evening, so I had to wait until Monday to get the entire order processed, but  she took down all the information to put in my file in the meantime so I could just wrap things up on Monday.
She also told me that for my troubles, the shipping would be free, so I was a happy camper. 

On Monday I was called by someone else to follow up on the order because she hadn’t received my e-mail, and she was wondering why the order was still open.

I resent the e-mail, and within 20 minutes she realized the problem, called me back, told me their price was even a smidgen cheaper than the Best Buy price, and away the headset went.

It arrived even faster than the 3 days I was told it would take, and the only glitch was that the note that was supposed to go into the package wishing my assistant a Happy Holidays was forgotten, so they had sent the headset and the note separately.

I would really love it if these companies offered cards and wrapping you could send out with the item during Christmas or Valentines Season.

I’m shocked they haven’t thought about this before.

My assistant was slightly confused because of the card with no item, but eventually he figured out what was happening when he got the second package.

He was very very happy, and like I tell everyone, once you go headset, you never go back

Thank you www.headsets.com


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