Quickbooks Review

Here is my Quickbooks Review for quickbooks online also known as QBO and their parent company is Intuit. It’s a Canadian company.

Here’s the Office of the President’s contact information.

520-901-3280 or by email at [email protected]

I’ve been using Inuit Quickbooks since around 2006 or so, but back then I was using the Quickbooks desktop version and I would hire a bookkeeper to do the work because math isn’t my forte.

My experiences with bookkeepers and accountants

Then I went through years of making very little money, so every time I had to hire a bookkeeper I had to find someone within my budget.

I would attempt to hire these terrible bookkeepers from Upwork, even Facebook, even the Yellow Pages and this turned into a nightmare for me. I learned that it’s not just me who has the issues, most people (if they are paying attention), have problems with their bookkeepers.

They would make mistake after mistake and while I didn’t know exactly what mistakes they were making, I could see by the P&L statement they would send me that they had miscategorized entries. They had down that I made X dollars with one service or item I sold when I knew I didn’t sell that many items.

Over and over again I also had huge problems with their reliability.

In fact, I learned even years ago back when I was making a lot of money that the accountants I hired were addicts. They were in Canada, but I’m sure it’s the same in the US.

One accountant was an alcoholic. Every time he came to my house for a meeting, he reeked of alcohol.

The next accountant was addicted to weed, and so was his wife who was a tax expert. I never met her, but he told me that they both were stoned while they were working every day. WTH???

I even had one CPA who lied and said he was a CPA, then when he screwed something up, I called the CPA association and they didn’t have him registered there at all. They also didn’t care that he lied and claimed to have their license.

Years ago I had one bookkeeper who disappeared a few days after I hired her and she knew time was of the utmost importance to get the work done. I literally had to call the cops because she had ALL of my paperwork which of course was sensitive information.

Then she got upset at me for being upset at her.

She decided to take a vacation for several days without even telling me and it turns out that where she went there was no internet. She claimed she was told there would be Internet, then she got there and there wasn’t. So not only was I really stressed because she disappeared with all of my paperwork and I need the work done, the work was never done and I had to look for someone new all over again.

Other bookkeepers made mistake after mistake and I had to keep hiring more to get them to fix the issues and they wouldn’t. They would make things worse.

They also didn’t listen. When I say listen, I mean they were unable to read what I wrote and either do what I said or respond back to all of my questions. And almost all of them NEVER even asked me questions and while I’m very good at providing all of the information, anyone doing this work should have asked SOME questions.

Starting with Quickbooks Online (Intuit)

Anyway, after this went on year after year, I finally gave up and decided to do the work myself via Quickbook’s online software which meant I had to learn it from scratch.

I talked to many an agent there who also confirmed that many companies or freelancers had huge issues with bookkeepers.

Getting into my Quickbooks Review.

While most of the Quickbook agents were nice, I quickly learned that most didn’t know what they were doing.

They also didn’t call me back when we were scheduled to have a call, or they would call, I wouldn’t answer and then never call again. It turns out they can’t do that unless they get permission from their supervisor and of course that never happened so the whole thing would get dropped. Obviously, this is a terrible business practice.

I quickly started to learn that while they are nice, the company is poorly run.

Along with the bugs from the software as well as the agents giving me the wrong information, I was spending tons of time waiting for them to find the information because they had no idea what they were doing.

There were times I was on the phone with them for almost 8 hours.

I had no choice but to do the work myself because I wasn’t going back to hiring bookkeepers.

The software has issues. Lots of little bugs and for the most part they don’t care about fixing them because every year the same bug is still there.

I’m going to detail every time I have an issue with Quickbooks. If it’s not around tax season you won’t get updates, but now it is, so I’m finally finishing off this article because of what I’m going through with Quickbooks as I type this.

Current Problems with QuickBooks Chat Support – Quickbooks Review

  1. Quickbooks got rid of their phone support so now we are forced to deal with inept overseas chat people. (OF COURSE)
  2. I just realized today that I’ve been getting spam e-mails from this e-mail address [email protected] which I’m sure has a virus in it, so I reached out to their chat to tell them and ask what it is.
  3. This took over an hour and THREE different people because the first person (Khim Rhea Bian) disconnected the chat.
  4. The second (Roan P) didn’t get me a manager and kept asking me to verify my account even though I verified it before.
  5. Then he gave me a link to go to contact payment and billing and disconnected the chat.
  6. The link didn’t work so I had to start a 3rd time.
  7. As this was happening Quickbooks logged me out and I had to verify my account again even though I was on the same browser window.
  8. Finally I got someone who seemed swift (Andre Me) and gave me the link and told me I have to close the chat first in order for it to work. Well, that’s not true because the link worked this time.
  9. Then I type in the description box and it won’t let me type. It kept letting me type a few letters, then it would stop letting me. I finally gave up and just submitted the form with only 8 words of text.
  10. I’m sick of this BS.

So that wraps up this Quickbooks Review. I’ll post more as I have more to post about.



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  1. So I called the Office of the President and again I wasted around 30 minutes of my life.

    While the girl was nice, first I couldn’t hear her well.

    Then she couldn’t find the right live chat conversation, so I wasted my time on March 29, 2021.

    Then she said she won’t give me any deal on QBO because they don’t compesate for lost time.

    So they hire brain dead unskilled third world country staff and then won’t compensate you when you try to communicate with them.

    Then she was going to do a warm transfer to someone to restart my QBO account. I was on hold for around 7 minutes when suddenly she called me again.

    Their phone lines don’t work properly she told me – SMH.

    So now I’m waiting for a call back. It may come when I’m eating. sigh

  2. Back to using Quickbooks Online and of course there’s issues right away. I keep getting logged out while working so I have to constantly log back in and have the system call me to prove I’m a real person -sigh

    I had this issue last year too and they never fixed it.

  3. sigh

    So today I got nothing done.

    First I went to the help area of QBO and asked for someone to call me. This time it actually WORKED and I got called even before 5 minutes, but the girl didn’t understand me so I had to repeat myself twice. And she was American no less.

    In fact, she had to ask me a 3rd time to confirm & I think she FINALLY got it.

    No one there knows anything about Pay Pal. OMG, how can you be alive & not know anything about Pay Pal?

    Adding transactions properly when it comes to Pay Pal is very complicated and confusing because there’s 3 entries for every ONE payment you make on Pay Pal.

    I’ve dealt with at least 3-4 people from QBO regarding this issue and they were clueless.

    One finally figured it out and gave me instructions last year, but for some reason when I went to read them, I didn’t understand them so I called up to get clarification.

    She said she would be able to help me, but of course she couldn’t. I asked her if she knows anything about Pay Pal and she told me no. I even explained to her how things work.

    After she putting me on hold twice to ask her supervisor, I said why don’t you just call me back in 45 minutes so I can call Capital One.

    I’ve been having problems with Capital One online banking. Two days ago I couldn’t get my bank statements as they say they don’t exist. WHAT??? And they still haven’t fixed it. I lost 28 minutes of my life two days ago.

    It’s now 1 1/2 hours later and the girl from Quickbooks, Amilia, NEVER called me.

    So I tried the help area again and NOW there’s an issue with that part of their site. I’ve tried several times, nothing will pull up. It just says there’s an error.

    Then I tried to call the HQ office and no one answered. And they STILL have the very very old message listing off the phone number for customer service which doesn’t work.

    I can’t believe this. I can’t get anything done now.

    Also, the rules area isn’t working. They aren’t automatically being added.

  4. Ok so their HQ office is very nice, but none of the issues with their software or other issues ever gets solved there.

    I got a call the next day from the HQ department and she said she would have someone call me.

    Understand that these people are supposed to e way more knowledgeable about bookkeeping and QBO than the regular tech support people when you speak to someone at Quickbooks.

    The next day I wasn’t feeling well, so I wrote an e-mail to the person at HQ telling her not to have that person call me.

    She never got back to me and the person still called me and left a message saying she would call me the next day.

    Supposedly she wrote me, but she wrote to the wrong e-mail address, so I only found that out just now.

    I changed my e-mail address 2 or so years ago and they STILL haven’t changed it.

    I never heard back from their top staffer for two days, so I called again.

    She just called me AND she was terrible.

    Sweet woman, but she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Her brain just couldn’t figure out what was going on and she admitted as much. This is not an insult to her. We ALL have cognitive issues due to the poisoning and bioweapons.

    I needed help with the stupid Pay Pal transactions because Pay Pal is such a shit company.

    They make everything that’s tied to QBO a pain. Anyone who knows how it’s done understands this.

    For every one expense I pay out of Pay Pal, 3 transactions are listed in QBO on the bank side attached to your Pay Pal account and in the Pay Pal account on QBO.

    And what’s also really bad, is that on your statements for Pay Pal, they don’t NOT mark the transfers from your bank account going into Pay Pal even though it should be there because technically it’s a deposit.

    So I had instructions written up from last year, but they didn’t make sense to me which is why I called to get more help.

    I’m NOT a bookkeeper and yet I could tell that what she was telling me to do was wrong and not only did I have to tell her why I thought it was wrong, I had to state it 2-3 times before she understood me.

    She first wanted to do a rule when it just says Xstant Transfer and I’m not sure if all of those will be the same because there’s a few several different labels that belong to Pay Pal transactions.

    I thought I had done some rules, but they were rules for actual people I pay through Pay Pal and she saw they were expenses.

    Then at one point, she thought that the items in my bank account were deposits from Pay Pal when it was clear (since they were debits) that they were expenses, and I told her that they were transfers going into Pay Pal to cover the cost of the expense I made FROM Pay Pal.

    Then she wanted me to change them from being a transfer to categorizing them. That confused me as I don’t remember doing that last year.

    Then she wanted me to mark them on the bank side as an expense when I already told her I was paying the people through Pay Pal and marking them there as an expense. She even said some people mark them as expenses twice.

    I was like WHAT???

    Again, I’m not a bookkeeper, but I do have a logical brain, so I right away knew that didn’t add up. You can’t mark the same transaction as an expense twice, even if they are in two different areas of the software.

    Then she told me to click on a transaction that says “Match” to see what it does, and then their stupid software lost the transaction. She wanted me to choose where to match it to and it didn’t give me that option. Normally it does. She even admitted the software made a mistake (it makes mistakes often.)

    We spent the next 20 minutes trying to find the transaction under the bank account, then under the registry, then under Pay Pal, then back to the bank account.

    We still couldn’t find it in the bank account under “For Review,” so I said maybe it’s in the “categorized,” section and sure enough there it was. If I didn’t use my head, we would still be there for another 30 minutes. I actually learned that from another QBO rep last year.

    The transaction had matched to my credit card account (sigh).

    Other things she was confused about…

    She also thought I was in the registry when I was in the banking area. If you’ve been working with QBO for any period of time, you can see the difference in how it looks in those two areas.

    One time she thought I was in the Pay Pal account when I was in the bank account area.

    I finally had to get off the phone with her because I wasted a whole hour, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, their software is screwed up and I got nothing done.

    After writing this up I called the HQ again and spoke to someone else. Supposedly she’s the highest level QBO advisor they have. WOW. They now have to talk to her and I’m sure she will blame it on me or the software. While the software screwed up at the end during the match, the rest of the issues were all her.

    Again, I sympathize, because I know what it’s like to have cognitive issues, but she shouldn’t be working in that job if she is that sick.

  5. Okay another 3-4 hours of my time pretty much wasted with Quickbooks (QBO).

    So the woman who was supposed to call me last week after we set up a time never called.

    First she says she called me, then later on she said she got tied up on another call and it was too late to call.

    Why she never called the next day I have no idea, so it took almost a week for her to call me.

    I wasn’t prepared, but so much time has been wasted that I had to take the call.

    She kept saying that I felt we didn’t accomplish what I needed done. Well, we
    never accomplished ANYTHING.

    So here are all the things that happened and all the bugs that QBO continues to have and there are even new ones.

    1. I would do what she told me to do and then she wouldn’t say anything. I had to keep saying hello, are you there?

    This happened at least 3-4 times.

    2. She kept saying 2019 was 1999. At first I thought I heard her wrong, but then she did it again.

    3. Unlike almost everyone at Quickbooks I’ve had before, she never writes down the date of the transaction or the amount. Had I known she wasn’t doing this, I would have done it.

    This wasted tons of our time.

    Some of the experts memorize that info.

    4. Again (just like last time) I had to tell her that the transaction wasn’t a debit, it was a credit. She never pays attention and I have to catch her mistakes all the time.

    5. She can’t see. She needs glasses and the reading ones she has hurt her eyes. She shouldn’t even be doing this job, but because the Executive Response team thinks she’s the best, I have no other options.

    They used to have at least 2-3 other people before.

    6. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had to recap what was needed because she didn’t remember, but that’s not a problem, I wanted to recap because she didn’t understand me last time.

    She has NO CLUE how to deal with Pay Pal transactions. She lied last time and told me she knew what I was talking about. This time I could tell she had no clue.

    7. She started having me categorize each of the bank transfers going into Pay Pal which made them into expenses.

    I had told her several times last time that is NOT what I wanted to do, but she kept saying we agreed upon it, so that wasted my time and we had to waste time with her showing me the differences between a transfer and a category and then we had to change them. sigh

    8. Transactions that were already in the reconciliation report were NOT in the registry.

    I started to freak out when I remembered that I saw transactions in the banking area for 2019.

    I made 1000% sure last year that there were NO 2019 LEFT. Everything had been reconciled and any duplicate transactions were deleted.

    I learned last year that Pay Pal or QBO puts duplicates of the transactions in the Pay Pal reconciliation area. I was trained to delete them after I’ve reconciled.

    There was even a 2018 transaction in there and that should have all been deleted or excluded.

    9. I lost my temper when we figured out that nothing was reconciled.

    She said it was because I deleted the transactions AFTER I reconciled and I told her that this is what I was told to do.

    I knew it wasn’t me, but I couldn’t be sure, but there’s no way in HELL that I deleted around 20 transactions unless they were duplicates.

    10. So I had to redo all of the 2019 transactions in the banking area which of course wasted MY TIME.

    11. Then she finally realized that it WAS the software deleting the transactions because upon a closer look, we found other transactions in the registry with a C when they should have ALL been deleted or had an R.

    Some of those C transactions were DUPLICATES of the whole hour I wasted redoing 2019.

    She now thinks that when I deleted the dulicates, it deleted the R one too.

    This ENTIRE TIME I haven’t gotten anything done for 2020 which is what I was supposed to be doing, but of course, if 2019 isn’t reconciled, then of course I can’t do 2020.


    12. We also wasted time because at one point after doing a transaction suddenly most of the 2019 transactions disapeared except for only a few.

    I was so LIVID at all of the issues with QBO.

    It took another 10 minutes for me to realize that the STUPID SOFTWARE had switched us to the Pay Pal account from my bank account which is WHY there were so few 2019 transactions.

    This isn’t the first time that software has done that.

    13. Every time I click on “Find Match,” it takes me back to page 1 even though we were working on page 3. More time wasted.

    14. I had been freaking out blaming the software telling her that THEY need to pay someone to come in and redo everything because I’m no longer reconciled.

    When we realized it was just because we were on the Pay Pal account, that was no longer discussed.

    15. Then when I was finally done, she said we first need to check some of the ones we added to see if they are in the registry.

    We looked and went into the reconciliation report and sure enough, some of the transactions WERE in the registry already as C.

    I was FURIOUS. We can’t even do anything else because she has to figure out how to solve this problem.

    I’m very very concerned I will waste time reconciling 2019 AGAIN the QBO software will erase some of my work again either for 2019 or 2020, and I’ll be right back to square ONE.

    16. She told me that she e-mailed me, but I never got any e-mails from her, only the one from the person at the Executive Response team.

    She tried to fix the e-mail issue where I had changed my e-mail address around 1 1/2 years ago and it’s STILL e-mailing to my old e-mail address that I never check.

    She just tried again and I finally got it, but she had to type in my e-mail manually. It’s STILL populating my old email even though she changed it two weeks ago after we first talked.

    I’ve complained about this at least 3-4 times and they CAN’T FIX IT!!!!

    17. Now after responding to her e-mail I get an email back saying there’s no case number. OMG. MORE TIME WASTED.

    She had to send me a new e-mail with a new case number and it arrived in my old e-mail, but not my new one. THIS IS NUTS.

    That’s it. End of the saga.

  6. OMG, I am soooo stressed now.

    So Felecia was supposed to talk to engineering about all the issues with the QBO software and call me on Friday.

    Did she?


    It’s now Tuesday, and I even e-mailed Chris late on Monday, and he never he never responded back to my email all day today.

    So it was past 5 PM PST right now because I was on a call very late and I call up and I speak to someone named Charlie. I said to him that Felecia was supposed to call me on Friday, it’s now the end of Tuesday, and I haven’t received a call back.

    First he can’t find me in the system under my phone number, which is more proof of the inadequacies with QuickBooks a.k.a. Intuit.

    Then he says he’s going to go check with Dana or Chris.

    Dana was the original person who opened my tickets and one day when I called, she wasn’t there so Chris took it over.

    I was on hold for like 6 minutes until Charlie finally came back to tell me that they had all gone for the day. Why did it take him six minutes to figure out that they had all gone for the day?

    So then he starts to tell me that the notes in the file say that whatever I had called about was not the original reason for my call, and so I need to call regular tech support.

    I’m like what? What are you talking about?

    I’m literally speaking to the executive response team and they want me to call the lower level staff even though nothing was ever solved with my original questions because of all the problems with their software.

    To recap, I had to redo one account of some of the 2019 transactions because the software had deleted the transactions and therefore I was no longer reconciled even though I reconciled last year.

    These 2019 transactions showed up in my four review area and I had no idea why they were even there.

    So then he wants me to start explaining what the issues are because as it turns out, Felecia never documented anything that her and I had discussed the day that we had our conversation last Wednesday.

    She had even taken screenshots, or so she said, and notes about all of the issues that we had encountered.

    I was completely in shock and based on Charlie’s tone, it was like he was insinuating that I was making up stories or something.

    I couldn’t figure out if he was doing this because he thought that I was complaining about Felecia again or what he was getting at.

    I had come to accept that Felecia has a lot of cerebral issues and there was nothing I could do about it because they wouldn’t give me any one else, and they claimed that she was the best that they had. She made the same similar mistakes on Wednesday that she had made two weeks before. Every time I had to find and correct her mistakes.

    So with Charlie I’m all upset and I’m starting to raise my voice because I cannot believe that this is actually happening. I just thought that the reason she hadn’t called me was because the problems with the software was so bad, that they needed more time to fix it. I had no idea that she hadn’t even submitted the problems at all, and according to Charlie, she said that there’s nothing wrong with the software.

    What, are you kidding me?

    So then because I wasn’t prepared, I had to try to think up on the fly all of the issues with their software.

    I wasn’t calling to give them the issues, I was calling in regards to why she hadn’t called me last Friday.

    So I listed them off as best as I could.

    His comment about the reconciliation no longer being reconciled was that there could be many reasons for that. He just shrugged it off as this is just like normal behavior for the software.

    So after me getting upset and him asking me three times what the problems were, he didn’t say anything to empathize with the issues, he didn’t say something like, “well I don’t know why Felecia didn’t write these issues down in the notes,” etc.

    He made absolutely no indication that I had every right to be upset about what was going on. And this got me even more upset because why did he ask me to tell him three times what the problems were and then he’s not even gonna say anything about them. So I asked him why did you ask me to tell you what the problems were three times?

    Then he says he’s going to have to speak to Dana and Felecia about this.

    I’m not even sure he wrote any of the issues down and I know that there was some other issues I didn’t mention.

    I didn’t have this specific article up to read them off to him because, again, I was not prepared for this.

    In the end, the message I got from him was that he trusts Felecia but doesn’t trust me and I’m making this whole thing up. He even said, I’ve known her for years.

    She either didn’t write down the notes properly which does not surprise me the least, or she out and outright lied and said that there’s no problems with the software because she doesn’t want to admit that there’s problems with the software.

    In fact, he told me that she wrote down that there was nothing wrong with the software. I wish I had recorded my conversation with her. Wow!

    And she told me that they record the conversations and they can listen to them at any time. How much you want to bet that they are not going to do that.

    All I know now, is that I haven’t been able to do my books because of QuickBooks, Intuit, and I’m very scared now that I may never get to finish the books because of all the technical issues with the software.

    And the fact that the executive response team isn’t even willing to address the issues and they side with their staff even though this woman has twice now made mistake after mistake speaks volumes about this company in general.

    I don’t care if he has worked with her for years. He hasn’t been on the customer’s side.

    It doesn’t matter whether you work with her for years, it matters what the customer is saying.

    Why would I make up stories like this?
    Why would I waste my time?
    Why would I stress myself out like this?

    It just makes no sense at all, but instead, he protects Felecia, who has made mistake after mistake, who wasted three hours of of my life last week, who never called me on time last week either, so this is not the first time that she hasn’t called when she was supposed to.

    I still haven’t gotten anything done for 2020, and now their software is broken.

    I am just so so stressed right now I can’t begin to tell you.

    I was avoiding using names before because I didn’t want to get people into trouble, but now the gloves are off. Moving forward, I’m going to name names about who I deal with at QuickBooks, and how they treat me,

    I have had issues with them before, which is why this article was even written in the first place. I don’t make a habit of writing articles about companies unless I’ve had multiple issues with them. If it’s just one incident, unless it’s really really bad, I don’t waste my time writing up complaints.

    Because of the issues that I had last year dealing with their regular support, I got the support from the executive response team and it was a lot better, but I remember that one woman brushed me off and never called me back last year as well, but I just didn’t bother writing about it, I don’t think, because I was pretty much done my books anyway.

    In closing, I said I’ll expect a call tomorrow.

  7. No one from Quickbooks (Intuit) and the Executive Response team has called me today.

    I called them first thing around 9:20 am PST and they didn’t answer. I left a message.

    Then 1 1/2 hours later I called again, they didn’t answer and I left a message.

    It’s clear to me they are ignoring me.

    I will be taking my complaints to other sites now.

    They have ruined my life with their terrible software and terrible service and they are beyond unprofessional at this point.

  8. Someone fnally picked up the phone. I spoke to her and she seemed nice, but then when she came back on the phone, her attitude had changed.

    I asked her to have Dana call me and she said she spoke to Dana and she would call me in the morning. That would be Friday the 16th.

    Well instead of getting Dana, I got Felicia. She called while I was busy on a call.

    She left a message saying she would call me after she was free around 1 pm EST. She would also e-mail me.

    I called the Executive office within 15-20 minutes after she called and they were still closed. I also responded to her e-mail and said I’m free right now and ALL day.

    Do you think I ever got a call ever???


    Today is Monday and AGAIN, no call from either Dana or Felicia.

    I was busy all day and just left a message at 4:55 pm EST, although I know they go by PST. No one answered.

    While I was leaving a message, their system cut me off and I got a fast busy. sigh

    Also, when Felecia left me a message, she said she had to discuss the issues with the account, so clearly she KNOWS that there’s a problem with the software, so why was I told twice by two different people that there were no issues????

    THIS COMPANY IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thursday, no call from Dana, and no call from Felica.

    I called and left a message since I was being ignored again.

    Someone did call me back amazingly and listened to me bitch for 20 minutes and didn’t have much to say.

    They are assigning me someone new. We’ll see what happens with them.

  10. So on July 27th Dana FINALLY calls me. Why?

    Because I posted a complaint on the BBB LOL

    So while she wasn’t as bad as Charlie, she STILL continued to make it seem like their software was all fine and that Felicia was great.

    She even tried to rub it in my face in a subtle way that Felicia had just been promoted to manager and she’s very good at her job.

    Right, so me, the customer is making up stories and I have so much time on my hands that I go around writing e-mails, calling their office and leave message, I purposely delete transactions so that last year’s reconciliation no longer works, I lie twice about Felicia just because I’m mentally deranged, and I waste over 2 months trying to get my books done because I never wanted to get them done within 2 weeks.

    Yup, that MUST BE IT!!!

    So then she tells me that she read over all of Felicia’s notes and there were a lot of them. WOW, so the other two who told me there were no notes didn’t know their job EITHER.

    Then she also tries to tell me they can’t do anything more to help me. OMG.

    She said she’s going to write to the BBB case and I said you can, but I’m certainly not signing off that you fixed the problems.

    Then she tells me (get this) that Felicia is STILL the only one who can help me.

    I asked WHY the last person told me I was getting a new person to help me and OF COURSE, she says she doesn’t know.

    Then she tells me she will have someone call me (I assumed from the lower level tech support) to go through the reconciliation with me.

    We scheduled it for Thursday, July 29th mid to late morning EST. I had to repeat this to her twice.

    I tell you, when a person has brain issues, they will defend everyone else who has brain issues.

    Do you think ANYONE called me????

    Late after 7-8 pm EST I wrote her telling her this.

    No response yesterday or today.

  11. So I wrote on July 30th because I got no call. Then someone named Sonia wrote me saying she was taking over for Dana who is out of the office.

    Then Sonia made a mistake writing to me instead of someone else. You see this is what I mean. Everyone in that department makes mistake after mistake.

    Sure, people make mistakes, but this many???

    I wrote AGAIN on August 4th, 2021.

    Later that day someone new called me and she e-mailed me too.

    I wrote her back telling her what is going on.

    She’s a manager of customer service (the regular one).

    It took a couple of days for us to connect as I wasn’t around when she called on Friday the 6th, but OMG, what a HUGE difference.

    She’s bright and she told me right away where to go and what to do so SHE could see what the issues were with the reconciliation issues which as it turns out is in my bank account, not the Pay Pal account, but the issues are only with the Pay Pal transactions and not all of them, only certain ones.

    Within the 1:45 hours we were on the phone she figured out that it has something to do with their “rules” feature.

    It’s creating a transaction and then the transaction that comes in through the bank is the second transaction. One of them I was deleting after reconciling and that’s when it undoes the reconciliation even though the transaction I delete isn’t the one attached to the reconciliation.

    Obviously we couldn’t go any further in reconciling because there IS an issue with their software.

    I have been saying over and over again that there are issues with their software since the first time I spoke to Felicia, and yet Quickbooks continues to deny there’s an issue and blame ME, the customer.

    I’m now waiting for her to get back to me after talking to engineering.

    I won’t give her name here because so long as she does a good job and is on my side, then I don’t want her involved in this long complaint about Intuit (Quickbooks).

    She did have an issue taking screenshots so she had to do a video.

    She also had issues seeing the screen due to her eyes (Felicia also had that issue of not being able to see clearly and constantly having to put her glasses on and take them on), and even I have that issue, but I don’t do screen share with customers which is a major difference because it’s not my job.

    But if those are the only two issues, I can live with that so LONG as this mess FINALLY gets fixed and I’m not told that I’M THE PROBLEM.

    Today Dana responded to my BBB complaint with a very brief message, and I told the BBB I don’t want to close the complaint until these issues are resolved.

    Dana said the only reason I got someone new was because Felicia was promoted. LOL

    And YET the last time I spoke to her she said I couldn’t get anyone else.

    Can you believe it, a company REFUSING to give you someone new no matter how many times that person screws up and how many times the customer says they want someone NEW???

    If they had gotten me this other person 2 months ago, this would have been all fixed within a few weeks, guaranteed.


  12. Well, I spoke too soon.

    The next time I spoke to Antoinette was on August 12th.

    This session was so so. Definitely not as good as the first one and I also wasn’t feeling well when we talked and neither was she.

    She looked at the rules that she was sure was the issue and engineering also said it was probably the issue, but she saw nothing in there to indicate that it was an issue, so that didn’t solve anything.

    We never got the duplicate issues looked into because she started going through the transactions that weren’t lined up with the reconciliation.

    There were some mistakes, like one transaction that I had to manually add was entered in as an expense when it should have been a deposit.

    It could have been me, it could have been the software.

    I will own up to any mistakes I made, but it just doesn’t make sense that I would make that kind of mistake. That happened twice with two different transactions.

    At one point I said I wanted to order the accounts in a different order and it took her a bit to find out where they were.

    She had me go to the dashboard to this area I’ve never seen before.

    Before she did, I saw the spot that allowed me to move them around and I changed them, but the accounts STILL doesn’t show up in the order I moved them around in.

    Then we did a search for 2019 transactions and it showed us 2018 transactions too. Same bug I’ve talked about for 2 years now that they STILL haven’t fixed.

    There was also a missing transaction that took a long time to search for. Eventually she admitted that it was nowhere to be found. That’s a software issue obviously because it didn’t show me deleting it, but I don’t trust their audit log after all the other strange issues.

    Also, in the audit lag, one of the transactions she searched for showed that something else was deleting and re-entering in one transaction over and over again and then all of a sudden it says I deleted it.

    What??? Why would I do that? I even remember going through that transaction, as it was a one-off.

    Since the software was doing something to the transaction to begin with, my guess is that I didn’t delete it, the software did.

    Even though we still hadn’t addressed the duplicate transactions we finally called it quits after 2+ hours and she said she would touch base with me tomorrow which would have been August 13th, a Friday.

    I brought up the fact that we still need to go through the duplicate transactions and she said you will have to show me. I was like… you have the screenshots from last time.

    She had forgotten. SMH

    I said to her that I assume engineering is going to need more than one day to look into things.

    She had also mentioned she wanted to listen to the previous calls with the previous people who helped me.

    I didn’t hear from her on Friday and I wasn’t in the mood to do the work so I didn’t reach out to her, but was surprised I didn’t hear back from her.

    Then Monday I never heard back from her either so I wrote her mid morning. That’s when she told me she was still going through all of the previous calls.

    I had no idea she was going to go through hours and hours of calls.

    She said she wanted to call me the next day Tuesday August 17th.

    I wrote her back on the 16th saying I would have to e-mail her on the 17th to tell her if I could make it and what time.

    I never heard back from her.

    On the 17th I told her I wasn’t feeling well, but I hope the 18th would be better.

    I still never heard back from her.

    On the 18th (that’s today) I e-mailed her very early saying I’m around now if she can call me.

    It’s now well past 5 pm EST and STILL nothing from her.

    I guess Quickbooks is back to stressing me out. sigh

  13. Wow, so once again I never heard from Antoinette yesterday & so I e-mailed Danaa & then today I see this regarding my BBB complaint.

    They are such LIARS.

    Both Antoinette & Dana didn’t write me back, didn’t call me, NOTHING and now they are lying saying that the software is fine even though Antoinette KNEW that the software wasn’t fine. She took video and screenshots, saw the duplicates, so at least one missing transaction, said she would talk to engineering and now these LIES.


    Addressed my concerns LOL, yeh right.

    I just wasted 3 months of my life dealing with Quickbooks Intuit and I’m STILL not done my books for 2019 or 2020.

    August 19, 2021

    Better Business Bureau of San Jose
    1112 S. Bascom Ave.
    San Jose, CA 95128

    Re: Complaint# 947691 – (removed)

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I received the additional information your office forwarded to Intuit on behalf of (removed) regarding her experience with QuickBooks Online (QBO). Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

    Our agent Antoinette has worked with (removed) and has determined at this point that the software is working as designed. It is Antoinette’s recommendation that (removed) may need an accountant or bookkeeper to help her moving forward.

    In response to (removed) complaint, we apologize for any frustration she may have experienced. We’ve worked directly with (removed) and have addressed her concerns.

    As such, we do consider this matter closed.


    Dana McCormick
    Office of the President
    Intuit, Inc.

  14. P.S. I went to leave a review on Trust Pilot since they will show up on goolag on the first page, while my site probably won’t.

    WOW, every single review gave Quickbooks Intuit 1 star.

    Not for the same reasons I gave them a 1 star, but the common customer service issues was one of the reasons.

    No one mentioned Quickbooks Online (QBO) and frankly, the reason I think no one knows that QBO is terrible, is because most business owners hire a bookkeeper to do the work and so they are unaware of what’s going on behind the scenes.

    I have heard of bookkeepers complaining about QBO before saying the desktop version is more stable, but it’s more expensive for me, and with QBO, it pulls in the data from your bank account (at least that’s what it should be doing), so that costs less for a bookkeeper (or me) to do.

    And most bookkeepers and accountants are TERRIBLE, which is why I started doing the books myself.

    They are very difficult for me to communicate with. I find most of them arrogant and immature. They never take responsibility for their mistakes or actions and they always have issues that affect their work.

    They seem very very dysfunctional to me.

    Way back in the 90s when I had a lot more money, my accountant would show up to our meeting drunk.

    Another accountant I hired a few years later was stoned all the time and so was his wife who was a high-level tax accountant.

    In the last few years I’ve noticed they are very greedy. Meaning if I ask a question in a bookkeeping group on Facebook and they know I’m not a bookkeeper, they won’t answer me, and INSTEAD try to sell me on hiring a bookkeeper.

    I even asked about the QBO duplicate transactions issue and I didn’t get ONE response.

    I’ve even been attacked in those groups before because they feel I’m trying to get something for free. WOW.

    Oh, and the bottom line is they never do the job properly. They don’t reconcile, and they add in the difference as a transaction just so it balances. I didn’t know that until I started learning QBO and I’ve had many bookkeepers or CPAs tell me the LAST person never reconciled the books even though I was told they did.

    So that’s another reason I went with QBO, so they could log in and do the work and they didn’t have to have the same desktop version I had if I were to buy it. Plus I could see what they were doing.

    But from what I read on Trust Pilot, even the desktop version doesn’t work well now.

    I’ve been using Quickbook software since around 2006.

  15. OMG, more DRAMA from this terrible company.

    So Antoinette writes me on 08-26-21 saying…

    “I have tried calling several times but there is no answer.
    Please reach out as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Office of the President
    Supervisor Intuit QuickBooks Online”

    I wrote back that day saying that I have NEVER received one call from her, let alone a voice message.

    This is the same BS lies that Felicia stated.

    They all seem to play the same games.

    I couldn’t understand WHY Antoinette was e-mailing me when Dana had stated they wouldn’t help me anymore.

    I called on 08-30 because AGAIN Antoinette didn’t respond back to my e-mail or call me.

    I got Carol Barley-Korn again. She didn’t remember me.

    She put me on hold to find my case.

    All I wanted to do was leave a message with her for Antoinette. Then she comes back and tells me there hasn’t been a case there for me in 6 months LOL SMH

    OMG, they are CRAZY!!!!!!!

    Finally she somehow finds it and says she will leave a message for Antoinette and Dana.

    I didn’t want the bitch Dana involved, but of course Carol had no idea what was going on.

    Then Antoinette e-mails me on 08-31 wanting to confirm my phone number. I gave her the same phone number that she had and used before and that is in my account.

    She wanted to make it a bit too early for me at 10 am. I wrote her later in the day asking her if we could make it 1-2 pm EST.

    She also never gave me her time zone.

    She wrote me on 09-01-21 saying she has meetings all day, but will do her best to call me between 1-2 pm EST.

    I NEVER heard from her again (sigh).

    On 09-03 I asked her to just send me the instructions for something she did. I never took down the instructions because I thought I was going to be hearing from her within 1-2 days WEEKS ago.

    No response.

    On 09-07 I e-mailed AGAIN asking her to respond to my e-mail from the 3rd.

    Then she FINALLY e-mails me on 09-08 with NO instructions asking if tomorrow morning would be good.

    I wrote back right away asking her what time and AGAIN, WHAT TIME ZONE.

    I never heard back.

    It’s now September 9th and NO CALL AND NO E-MAIL.

    This company does nothing but play games with clients and WASTES MY TIME.


  16. So I attempted to go in and fix the issues that never got fixed due to ANTOINETTE NEVER GETTING BACK TO ME. If you remember, I had written her several times asking where that info was where she was seeing the transactions that never got fixed.

    Amazingly I figured out where it was on my own, but then I needed to ask a question about the transactions that have a C next to them vs an R, so I had the regular support call me.

    Of course it took 3 tries before I got a human. First time it was a fast busy. The second time no one answered.

    Also, when you fill out the request for a call, it then loops around and asks you why you want to speak to someone AFTER the call has already been set up to take place. Then it gives you suggestions and then loops around again asking you what you want to do. OMG, NOTHING IS EASY WITH THIS COMPANY .

    The third try I got Linda.

    I think I mentioned the duplicate transactions as well when I was describing the QBO issues.

    Now she’s put me on hold. Then comes back to ask me if I logged out and back in and refreshed my computer LOL

    You know the programmers don’t know what they are doing when they have to ask you these troubleshooting questions.

    In fact, when I told my website coder about it, he said those are PC Tech support troubleshooting issues. Why in the WORLD would Quickbooks be doing that?

    Linda kept putting me on hold and doesn’t know anything. She can’t even answer a simple question about whether if the transaction has a C, will it be included in the reconciliation data.

    Finally I asked, you don’t know QBO? Her response, “yes I do, but I do a lot of QBO.”

    WTF does that mean? If you use it a lot, you should know it very well.

    Not once has she said let’s go onto your computer.

    I even opened it on Chrome just in case it was Brave causing issues and nope, Chrome shows the same thing.

    Then we got disconnected and she had to call me back.

    I’m back on hold AGAIN. I asked her for a manager. She’s working from home. Then she finally comes back and asks me if I’m using Chrome LOL I’m back on hold again. It’s now been 20 minutes since I first called.

    She also picks up the line sometimes, doesn’t say anything and then puts me back on hold. OMG.

    Finally she came back. All of that BS with asking me a few questions that were stupid and didn’t address anything plus getting a manager to call me took 22 mins.

    Brett is her manager who’s going to call within 2 hours.

    Brett calls and Brett is NOT a man, she’s a woman. I said oh, I thought you were a man. No response. Cold attitude.

    She’s ALSO at home.

    Within the first 5-10 minutes I was fuming because Linda lied to her and told her that I refused to let her come onto my computer.

    Remember I said Linda never even ASKED ME???

    Did Brett apologize? I don’t remember, but I don’t think so. She didn’t even say she would listen to the conversation.

    So we spent an hour and she tells me that YES, the transactions with a C are included in the reconciliation and then I find out that the instructions I was given before on how to delete the duplicate transactions WAS WRONG.


    It turns out, those instructions are only for transactions AFTER the last month you have reconciled.

    She said you have to unreconcile EVERY SINGLE transaction back to the oldest transaction you have an issue with and then start all over again.

    She asked me what the oldest transaction was and I told her January and she said that I would have to manually (ONE AT A TIME) unreconcile every single transaction.

    NO ONE ever told me that.

    Or, create a journal entry to adjust the amount.

    This stressed me out to NO END.

    When I complained about the area Antoinette had taken me to which is called, “We can help you fix it” and the popup not having dates next to all of the transactions so there’s no way I can find the transactions if there’s NO DATES, Brett tries to tell me that the audit trail should give me dates.

    I said no, it gives you the date the transaction loaded into the system, which only happens when I log in, but it does not give me the date OF the transaction.

    She ignores me and moves onto another topic.

    She has NO ANSWER FOR ME.

    Then once AGAIN, I complained about the duplicate transactions.

    I can tell the way they are trained is a robotic speech they tell EVERY customer.

    How do I know this?

    Because I’ve heard the same thing from at least two other support staff.

    “We aren’t responsible for your bank pushing through the transactions. You will have to contact your bank to ask them.”

    LOL, yeh right, my bank and Pay Pal just decided to push old 2019 transactions again in 2021. Yup, NO, I DON’T THINK SO.

    My guess now is that because I put my account on hold for several months, when I restarted the account, it screwed everything up.

    Now we know WHY the accounts were no longer reconcilted. But still, that should NOT create duplicates.

    Actually no, that’s not correct because I had duplicates last year and at least one or two support staff told me they knew this was an issue and they didn’t know why it happens.

    And what does Brett try to do when I talked about the duplicates?

    She tries to sell me on their bookkeeping services which she guessed would cost me $300-400.

    I’m starting to wonder if they purposely CAUSE these bugs so they can sell those services because it’s not the first time they’ve done that.

    Sure, any business wants more business, but they already know I’m a micro company and have no budget for that.

    During our conversation her child comes into the room and starts babbling and I couldn’t hear a thing.

    She didn’t even say “excuse me” or apologize.

    I’m a woman, sure, but it’s very unprofessional to do that and not even apologized.

    In the end she was a bitch because I wanted to reach out to her again if I had more questions because she seemed to know what she was doing, although at THIS POINT who even knows.

    Every single one of them there does NOT know what they are doing INCLUDING ANTOINETTE.

    She said she can’t give me an e-mail, phone number, or even allow me to ask for her when I called back.

    Another hour of my life gone, but at least I got more instructions this time, but NOTHING RESOLVED.

    Then get this… on 09-16-21 someone named Anna (Filipino) called me saying she was from the Office of the president.

    I’m like who is THIS NOW?

    She was calling on behalf of Antoinette who wasn’t in that day. I was curious so I asked if she’s been in every other day and she said yes.

    She asked me if Antoinette called me or e-mailed me and I said NO!

    She then rescheduled a call for Monday at 3 pm EST.

    So guess what day it is TODAY!!!

    I needed to take a nap, but couldn’t because Antoinette was going to call me. So here’s the FUCKING BS I had to deal with today…

    Atoinette doesn’t call until around 3:10 pm EST. I pick up the phone and I hear the IVR and then I get a fast busy.

    I figured she would call back, but no, she doesn’t.

    Then 10 minutes later (I guess it takes 10 minutes to write a simple e-mail) she e-mails me saying no one picked up and there was no voice mail, do I have the right number?

    I said I picked up and got a fast busy.

    I know it’s not on my end, I talk to other people with no issues.

    She says she’s going to reboot her phone and tries again 10 minutes later, same thing happens. I e-mail her again.

    DO YOU THINK I EVER HEARD BACK FROM HER????????????????????????


    Not even from e-mail.

    So I spent all day waiting for her to call me and then this!

  17. September 24, 2021

    So, I decided to STOP waiting for Antoinette and try to do all of the work myself.

    I went in to add a rule that I know was in my rules before but is missing.

    This isn’t the first time this has happened.

    What did the rule do???

    It ended up changing all of these transfers from my bank to my Pay Pal account to a category. I didn’t remember what was there before, I just knew that the word “Affiliate commission …” shouldn’t be there as a category.

    Why did all of these transactions in my review tab change?

    It shouldn’t have. There was nothing in the rule that would trigger every single transfer to add in any category, let alone that one

    So I had no choice but to call regular support.

    You can’t even edit the category, and even that’s when I also realized that if there’s a name (company or regular name) in the Pay Pal transaction column, when you double click on the transaction and it opens, the name isn’t listed there, only the words Pay Pal is.

    So then I have to copy the name and past it into the edit area. JUST NUTS.

    This girl has no idea how to fix this and I told her that is no way I’m going into 50 transactions and changing them, but then I showed her you can’t do that anyway.

    She had to start reaching out to someone who knows more than her and they were iditos too, telling her to tell me that NOW transfers need categories. Are you KIDDING ME???

    She also had her kid screaming in the background.

    The same thing happened with that supervisor for last week if you read my comment above.

    The person told her to tell me that if you click on “record transfer” that you can change it and I said NO, once you click on the green button, that’s it, it goes some place else.

    Then her supervisor tells her that if I click on the date, then I can change the category. They know NOTHING about how their software works.

    I said NO, categories are for expenses and deposits, these as TRANSFERS.

    Then I realized that she thought that this is how they came in from the Pay Pal feed. I said NO, these are from 2020. They were already there when I made the rule.

    I started to get very angry because at this point we had already been on the phone for 49 minutes and she still couldn’t find a solution.

    Finally, about 10 minutes later I was told to click on “record transfer” and in there is where you can search for the right bank account it is supposed to transfer to.

    So a 10 second solution took an HOUR to get. Grrrr

  18. So I just thought of something while sleeping.

    There is no WAY that the bank is the one sending duplicate transactions because there’s only one transaction on the statement, so why would it send more than one? And the two duplicates don’t even look the same and the dates are always off by one day.

    I started trying to do the reconciliation with my bank account and right away there’s an issue where it won’t reconcile even though I went through every item on the statement.

    I didn’t have this problem last year.

  19. So I couldn’t figure out why January 2020 wouldn’t reconcile last week.

    When I logged in today, it reconciled. Why would it do that?

    But I needed to confirm exactly how to delete the duplicate transactions so that there would be no more DRAMA and it wouldn’t undo my reconciliations, so I called regular support to find out which of my instructions were correct.

    Did I go on and on about getting different answers from different people? YES because that’s what’s happened.

    I can’t trust ANYONE in that company..

    I got Kailtyn from the South.

    Pleasant enough, but I had to literally repeat what I needed help with about 5 times before she understood me. I even showed her my long screenshot of what the reconciliation area looked like just before I reconciled. She couldn’t even tell when I was on the screenshot and when I was in QBO. SMH.

    Again another person with a loud dog or kid (this time it was a dog) barking in my ear and AGAIN, no apology or excuse me.

    Anyway, she couldn’t explain why I couldn’t find the duplicate transactions anywhere other than in the registry.

    They should have been in the review tab because they were never checked off in the reconciliation area.

    After we got that all handled, I noticed that some of the entries I checked off were not cleared, and the ones I didn’t check off were cleared. They were duplicates a day off.

    Somehow QBO knew the right date for each transaction, so why did it even create duplicates?

    She told me it’s common that QBO creates duplicates. She’s not the first person from Intuite to tell me that and YET EVERYONE at the Office of the President LIED and said that QBO doesn’t do that and their software is PERFECT and I’m the problem.

    I did realize that I made one or two mistakes when I checked off the wrong duplicate in the reconciliation area.

    So it took about 10 minutes to delete all of the transactions. I even had to catch a SERIOUS mistake she was about to make. She was about to undo a transaction that had been tied to that reconciliation – WOW.

    All of this would have been done faster had she not done what Felicia had also done… she looks at 2019 transactions instead of 2020 transactions.

    For people who deal with numbers every day, how can you mixt the years up?

    AGAIN I had to point out every time she made a mistake. I was really getting frustrated.

    I’m so SICK of these girls not even being able to see the screen properly.

    Once the duplicates were cleared up, I did them all with just her watching and making a comment here or there.

    Then she realized that I made a HUGE mistake. I didn’t take the ending balance from December 2019’s statement, I took it from January’s.

    I can’t believe I made that mistake. Remember that I’m not a bookkeeper and I was going off of my instructions I had written down from last year.

    I take FULL responsibility for that, but I realized that it was because my instructions written up last year with the help of whoever was on the phone with me, weren’t clear.

    Sure it was my mistake, but that person never told me they weren’t clear.

    I’m used to my website coder always correcting anything if I make a mistake. These girls don’t do that because they are BRAINLESS and not even paying attention.

    So she was trying to help me fix the issue because if that December amount wasn’t entered in correctly, that throws everything off. I guess that’s why there were issues with January.

    I let her try to find how to do it while I did other things.

    She added two journal entry transactions, but that didn’t help.

    She was fumbling around.

    At one point she didn’t even know where the reconciliation area was. She told me to go to banking link to get to it even though earlier she went to the accounting tab to get to it and of course it’s also in the chart of accounts area. That’s how I always get to it because of whoever trained me last year.

    But how come she doesn’t know that?

    I wasn’t pressuring her at all. I was trying to be patient, but I coudln’t believe she didn’t know how to fix this issue considering she says she’s been with Intuit for many years.

    Still, it’s not a normal mistake so I wasn’t judging her at all. I needed help and was willing to wait.

    Then she spoke to her supervisor Rebecca who was supposed to come onto my computer and help me get this done.

    The next thing I know, Kailtyn is relaying messages from Rebecca

    Before even trying to help me AT ALL, Rebecca tried to sell me on their stupid bookkeeping services.

    I’ve noticed now that on every call they are trying to do that. I told Kailtyn I can’t. I’m a micro company and this is just one thing that has to be corrected and then I can continue with the reconciliation.

    The next thing that came out of her mouth from Rebecca got me FURIOUS.

    They will NOT help me because they will only help me for THIS year going back 3 months. Can you believe that????

    In ALL of the times with me dealing with Quickbooks QBO and their support, I’ve NEVER had them tell me they can’t help me for last years data. OMG.

    I just wasted almost 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Kailtyn and now I can’t do ANY WORK!

    Then Kailtyn starts accusing me of being snippy (okay that part I was because how many TIMES do I have to tell someone the same thing before they understand it?) Once she FINALLY got it, I was fine and just wanted to get things done.

    Then she lied and said I was yelling at her and I said STOP LYING. I never yelled at you, NOW I’m yelling at you. I said just send me the link to the instructions on how to change the ending balance. She e-mailed it to me.

    She had been this close to fixing it, and her manager said no.

    I was sooo livid.

    I absolutely HATE this company. For 3 months now I’ve been trying to get help from them while their software screws up.

    I even had Kailtyn admitting that QBO does make mistakes.

    3 FUCKING MONTHS of my life wasted, tons of stress and I’m STILL no closer to getting 2020 reconciled.

    I’m looking into Zoho books. I will have to test it out first, but I’m really leaning towards moving over there.

  20. Kailtyn wrote me saying she’s sorry she couldn’t help me because obviously I have to rate her.

    I wrote her sternly and gave her a poor rating.

    I get that her supervisor Rebecca told her not to help me, but after Kailtyn lashed out at me, that was the last straw.

    I have every right to be angry after 3 FUCKING MONTHS of unprofessionalism, terrible service, bugs in the software, lies, being strung along, and no service.

    I wrote back to Kailtyn and ONCE AGAIN I got a return e-mail saying…

    “Thank you for your email. We would love to help you with your question but are unable to find an existing open case for your request.”

    They have had THIS bug in their e-mail system, not to mention the other one) for 2 years now and they SITLL don’t fix it.

  21. So, yesterday I called because I needed help with something and you aren’t going to believe this. After telling this girl who was really good actually what Kailtyn had told me the day before, she took me to this area where you can see the reconciliation area and what was done for that month, and she showed me that THERE WAS NO MISTAKE.

    We even went through the statement and confirmed all of the opening and closing amounts and they matched up.

    She said that Kailtyn needs glasses because she doesn’t know what she saw.

    So I wasted around 1 1/4 hours with Kailtyn because of this, she stressed me out to no end because she didn’t know how and wouldn’t help me fix it and then accused me of yelling at her and IN THE END, it was never a problem to begin with.

    I was feeling all guilty for my mistake.

    Why the first time I tried to reconcile it didn’t work, but then when I went in a few days later it suddenly reconciled.

    That’s their fucking SOFTWARE AGAIN.

    Plus, she added in those journal entries and now I have no idea what those mean and how they will affect my account because they didn’t fix whatever she was intending it to fix.

    Plus I just wasted time with this person because we had to check a few times because I didn’t believe that Kailtyn made such a HUGE mistake.

    Of course I can’t get this girl back again when I need someone.

    So that’s over 2 hours in 2 days LOST!

  22. I had to call today to find out how to deal with the entry for the stimulus money, because I don’t want it to show up on the P&L since it’s not income.

    First girl – Destiny (Southern) doesn’t know what I’m saying, clearly can’t help. I asked her to transfer me to someone else, she said she can’t. I hang up. 6+ minutes of my life GONE.

    Second girl – Tye (black) – first she couldn’t verify me and there was tons of noise in the background.

    Then she said she was going to try and get help and I was trying to explain it to her a second time so it was clear since the last girl didn’t understand me and she puts me on hold without a word and I get the NEXT GIRL.

    3rd girl – Athena (Southern) – After putting me on hold forever, she comes back and says that’s an accounting question, we aren’t allowed to help with accounting questions. You have to ask your accountant. I said but it’s YOUR software. This has nothing to do with accounting, this has to do with how their software WORKS.

    She said let me ask my tier 2 and I said forget it, I’m so sick of this and hung up. 20 minutes LOST and STILL no answer to my question.

  23. So I’m trying to do my reconciliations now only to find MORE issues with Quickbooks QBO software.

    In August 2020 in my bank account, all the transactions at the end after August 18th are GONE.

    Same with September as I checked my registrar, nothing after the 25th.

    Same with credit card account. the transactions for March 10th, 2 are MISSING.

    I’M GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

    And it looks like my credit card had been disconnected because they changed the API, but that didn’t change anything, all it did was download 2021 transactions, nothing for the missing 2020 and the bank account API was still intact.

  24. I got Makala.

    She asks me if I reconciled September when I already told her August hadn’t even been done because the transactions were missing.

    I went to take a look and OMG, none of the transactions are in the system after August 18th.

    In September and October 2020 there’s Pay Pal transfers and I assume they are duplicates and THAT’S IT. Nothing else!!!

    She has me go to another tab and tells me to go to the same area we were already in. SMH

    I’ve asked her for tier 2 again. She won’t give me them until she tries to help me. OMG.

    24 minutes into the call and NOTHING has been done. She’s just reading stuff on her computer and isn’t even telling me to do anything.

    She has no clue where to even try to find them, and I have to repeat what’s going on because she doesn’t get it.

    Then she wants me to go to the reconcile area and she doesn’t even I was already on the reconcile area.

    Then she asks me if those are August transactions when it shows August for every transaction, plain as day.

    Then she asks if they are in my account. What does that even mean???

    She doesn’t say registry, and she can’t even explain what she means.

    After 28+ minutes of her not doing one fucking thing, I asked AGAIN for tier 2 or her manager. She refused to do either saying this is going to take some time even though NOTHING has been done in 28 minutes.

    I hung up on her.

    I put in another call request and got some guy from an overseas Latin America call center who I couldn’t understand. I hung up.

    I put in a call for the 3rd time. I got Pat. She also didn’t understand what was going on even though I stated upfront what was going on and was slightly better.

    I told her I even pressed update and she had me press it again.

    When she realized she can’t find anything, she said let me get you to tier 2. OMG. 15 minutes of my life GONE.

    After being on hold for around 2 minutes when she went to transfer me, she hung up on me and I got a fast busy and no one CALLED ME BACK.


    Brian. I can barely hear him. It sounds like he’s on speaker. 4 minutes into the call and I get hung up on AGAIN.

    I called the Office of the President BACK and Maria is supposed to get someone at their office to call me. We’ll see how long it takes of if anyone is even going to call me.

    I’M FURIOUS!!!

  25. It’s been an hour and STILL no call.

    I can’t eat or do any work because if I get a call, I won’t be able to pick up when Quickbooks calls.

    I’ve lost TONS of money because of Quickbooks because of my time being wasted and not being able to do other things because I have to sit and wait for THEM and even when there is an appointment like with Antoinette, she doesn’t meet that appointment.

    I e-mailed her last night twice and again today (3 times) and she didn’t respond to ONE e-mail.


  26. https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/mountain-view/profile/computer-hardware/intuit-inc-1216-202832/customer-reviews

    I thought I would throw this in here so you can see how many terrible reviews there are (1 star) and how they DO have severe software issues.

    Their rules feture IS screwed up. One company lost years of work because they realized that the rules was doing something with the transactions.

    My duplicates are probably due to the rules, although Antoinuette already checked that and discounted it.

    I’ll have to look some more to see if anyone else lost their reconciliations.

    “I have unfortunately been a pro-advisor with Intuit Quickbooks, use their payment processing, payroll and accounting software in conjunction with my small business clients for many years. Although they have a history of being overpriced, over selling customers and BASHING professionals with the DIY software, I have stayed loyal…mainly because the software itself worked well if you didn’t need them to migrate or transfer anything over. Recently we discovered through an audit that their programming is automatically and randomly creating transaction rules that are ruining the accuracy of ALL of our books. After 10 man hours of my own time, with Intuit not responding to requests, researching and then not bothering to escalate the problem, we have had a final experience with Intuit once I called yet again for an update that was supposed to come last week. After spending 2 hours on a computer share (so I couldn’t use my comp for anything else) with the Manager who finally called they though perhaps they found the root of the problem by loking at the “symptoms of the programming error”, multiple transactions that were categorized incorrectly and done AUTOMATICALLY by their own program. NOW, they have determined that their job is done. BY asking me to disable their automatically created program rules, they told me that everything was done. Finding the problem was JUST THE BEGINNING. When I identified that, they said they would be willing to help us understand what WE NEED TO DO to fix the erred PAYROLL transactions that their system created. All WE have to do is undo and fix all of the entries that their system has been erroneously creating and FIND all of the problem transactions and fix them. WHAT??????? NO audit was done on their system, no review of the programming, no attempt to make it right. AND every “fix” has had to be done by myself personally while they fumble around and say, “why don’t you try this”…this from who is supposed to be a level 2 escalation programming manager. And now after all that time and frustration, they again stated that “all we have to do” is undo all of the transactions their system created and then manually enter EACH transaction effected (since February of 2021). This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. They SELL SELL SELL, overcharge, continue to increase prices, decrease discounts for providers who bring them clients for no referral $, AND now they leave myself and my clients who may be effected to twist on our own. This is beyond unprofessional. AND cannot possibly be compliant. Their errors impact Tax docs, business accounting, etc. I would LOVE if any of their people actually bothered to address the accountability of their software fails and complete lack of help for their customers. BUT I am not holding my breath. We have yet to hear them take true accountability for blatant errors. It’s as if their motto is “point the blame somewhere else, do not answer any question directly, and the customer should give up. I will be looking for other providers finalizing taxes for clients who probably have major issues with their payroll also. But there should be a government review of this company and their practices. They are not providing compliant services and could be costing businesses more than they are over-charging them for their services.”

    I filed another BBB report because I have no time to WAIT for them.

    I had to call the Office of the President AGAIN.

    Antoinette supposedly called me, but it never rang here. She’s said that she’s called before, but it NEVER rings here and just the fact that she’s not getting voicemail should tell her it’s NOT going through.

    I keep telling them THEY have phone line issues, but of course they don’t listen to me.

    I spoke to Amber, I never got a call back, so an hour later. I called again, the line picked up, then disconnected me. Fast busy AGAIN.

    Oh, and I tried to get the regular support to call me and it never did.

    I called again two more times. I left a stern message.

    Anna called me back. She’s pretty nice and I picked up with NO issues and we were on the phone for 30 minutes with no dropped call.

    We booked another call with Antoinette for tomorrow. OMG, I’m exhausted just dealing with all of this.

  27. I am ready to go INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I spent around 1:35 hours on the phone with Antoinette now that she got her phone fixed so when she calls, it actually rings on my end and goes through when I pick it up.

    We went through any issues I had and she took down her notes.

    Basically what I’m doing is working FOR FREE giving them all of the bugs they have with their software, but I don’t get paid for all of this, instead, I have lost almost 4 months OF MY LIFE.

    And based on everything I’ve read on the complaints on their BBB page, nothing will EVER get fixed.

    I already know that because I’ve complained about some of their bugs for 2 years now and they still haven’t fixed them.

    It’s 100% clear to me now that it is their “rules” feature that is causing all of the duplicate transaction issues. I’m shocked that Antoinette doesn’t even know this is an issue (unless she’s just playing dumb) when almost every first level support person I’ve spoken to knew about it.

    I like Antonette, she’s a nice person, BUT I figured out after talking to her that Intuit treats their employees like GOLD, so they keep their staff for many years and they promote them often even if they don’t do a good job.

    My guess is that for THOSE REASONS, the employees don’t care that the software is broken, they are more than happy to work for a company that treats them like gold and treats their customers like SHIT. I’m not saying they want Intuit to treat us like shit, but go read all of the complaints about how terrible their customer service is and since Quickbooks took their phone lines down and now you can only get to it through requesting a call, most people can’t even find a way to talk to someone live on the phone.

    Their chat is manned by 3rd world idiots, but even 99% of the first levels are complete MORONS.

    I got off the phone with her thinking we resolved everything and all I had to do was finish up the reconciliations, but NO, that’s NOT what happened.

    I forgot to write down in my notes that on Friday I noticed that my bank account flashed some notice that I wasn’t ready to reconcile. I never took her to that account’s reconciliation area, so when I went to continue where I left off with the next month’s reconciliation, I realized their fucking Quickbooks (QBO) UNDID all (or several) of my months’ reconciliations.

    I was up to month September 2020 and it would have taken me less than an hour to get the last 3 months done and NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    It says I’m off by just under $2k which tells me it’s TONS of months their software undid, not just one. To fix this will take FOREVER. It would be faster to somehow unreconcile everything and start all over, but who’s to say it won’t happen AGAIN???

    This is what happened with my 2019 reconciliations that THEY pretty much blamed me for undoing.

    I e-mailed her saying to call me tomorrow (Tuesday) and I hope she does. Now I can’t work, sleep, do shopping, NOTHING, because I have to wait to see if she calls me because most of the time she’s in meetings and she doesn’t e-mail me to tell me whether she can make it or she’s stuck in a meeting.

    I can’t believe this fucking SHIT. I didn’t even get my full 8 hours sleep because of all of this stress.

    Also, when I uploaded some missing transactions using a CSV file, AGAIN it added in duplicate transfers I had already deleted when reconciling and I deleted a second time with her on the phone with me.

    I just gave up since I want her to see the transactions showing up AGAIN because she was right there when I had to waste MORE OF MY TIME deleting them after I told her I deleted them already.

    Oh, and explain to me WHY the BBB gives them an A- rating when they don’t even have an accredited BBB account AND they have a 1 star rating.

    Typical BBB. They are good for getting the company’s attention, but they’ve never been a good company. I’ve had issues dealing with them over the years, and their staff never responds back to e-mails. Their site was built in the 90s, and it’s never been updated AND you can’t get anyone on the phone.

    Here’s other companies that Quickbooks bought out. When I don’t know.

    Intuit Health Card
    Turbo Tax
    Paycycle, Inc.
    Docstoc, Inc.
    Mint Bills
    Innovative Merchant Solutions

  28. So I spent so much of my life with Antoinette yesterday. 10-06-21

    2:30 hours on the first call.
    1:46 hours on the second call

    Here’s all of the ongoing software bugs (issues) with their QuickBooks online (QBO) that has caused me a LIVING HELL. I’m actually finding MORE bugs as I try to deal with their TERRIBLE software and get the books reconciled because I’ve been left high and DRY by Antoinette.

    1. When searching in the custom date area, in the memory area you can’t search for an URL even though it’s under the memo field in the transaction. It says what you are typing has to be under memo and it is.

    2. The fucking audit feature they have that they always go to to try and PROVE that the customer is at fault lies. (I just want to say that I’m sure sometimes it is the customer, but in my case it wasn’t.) I admit when I’ve made a mistake.

    It says I deleted the duplicates 4 days later and I didn’t. It just took that long for the software to realize they were deleted.

    I mentioned this to her 3 times and she won’t even admit there are software issues.

    TONS of examples and not ONCE did I hear her acknowledge that and apologize.


    3. Their back link (to go back to where you were before) from the audit trail gives a 404. Three times we tried it.

    4. Then the fucking system created a journal entry of everything I deleted so I had to delete them again.

    5. In August it made a transfer to my credit card account and it showed up as an uncategorized payment even though there’s a rule and it should say “transfer.” We had to change it to the right word..

    6. When I went to reconcile for October, it didn’t ask me for the ending date or balance, but somehow it got it right. Then there were TONS of duplicates.

    I’m dealing all of this so you can see that their ENTIRE QBO bookkeeping SYSTEM is full of bugs, it’s not just one thing.

    7. In all of the Pay Pal months, the tail end days are missing all of the transactions. It turns out that the transactions came into QBO the next month. The statements on Pay Pal don’t reflect that AND the dates are all over the place. Usually at least one of the transactions has the right date, now sometimes none of them (expense or transfer or rule transaction) are correct.

    8. In the customize tab, the custom date field where you enter in a custom date doesn’t work. It shows transactions for previous years.

    I’ve been bitching about this bug for over 2 years.

    9. In Pay Pal for every month, for this one expense transaction they didn’t show up. I had to add each of them in manually.

    10. QBO would put a C in Pay Pal transactions even if they were done by the rules.

    11. I don’t think I had this issue last year which tells me that the bugs since last year have increased. Now whenever I pay someone outside the US in my Pay Pal account, the transaction never shows up in QBO at all. The only thing that shows up is the transaction their rule created which isn’t a valid transaction according to Antoinette.

    12. The site keeps logging me out. I can even be ON the bloody page working and it will do that. Antoinette saw it many times, but of course, she will probably DENY that it happens.

    13. I noticed since today that in the registry when I go to add an expense, it is no longer defaulted to “expense,” which it normally is. I even remember this from last year.

    Now it’s defaulted to “check” and I already had to delete and redo a transaction because of this because I didn’t notice that I was adding a check.

    Now I can’t even add the incorrect transfers to the registry because when I go to add them, even though there’s an option to choose transfer, you can’t choose the account to transfer it to, you can only choose a vendor. OMG. I finally figured it out on my own. That field has two options, either accounts or the category.

    14. Now when I’m going into the reconciliation area for Pay Pal, I have to click “apply” under the date area because the transactions aren’t showing up, only the duplicates.

    At first I thought it was something I did, but just now I noticed that it did it again on the next month’s reconciliation.

    Also, normally all of the transactions are checked off and you have to uncheck them all if you want to go through each transaction line by line, but now none are checked off except two. I have a feeling it’s confused because of the NUMEROUS duplicates that are there.

    The ONLY reason I don’t want to delete the duplicates in the registry is because I am too scared it will UNDO all of my reconciliations again. Honestly in the end I have NO IDEA what caused the reconciliations to be undone, all I know is that I have PROOF that their software is doing it because it happened AGAIN after I did reconciliations last Friday and by the time Monday rolled around, they were undone again.

    Antoinette had me delete several duplicates, but I was on with her so I figured if it screws things up, she’s to blame, but of course she will probably blame me.

    The bottom line is that their rules feature and their software has caused me holly HELL and never once did Antoinette admit this although she took all of her notes down and sent it to engineering who I’m SURE won’t fix ANYTHING because that would require months of searching or rebuilding everything from scratch.

    I can already tell the bugs are ENORMOUS.

  29. Let’s talk about what just happened with Antoinette right now around 1:30 EST. And remember that I have to be around for her and that I spend ALL of these hours with her trying to figure out what the issues are and us correcting them while she gets paid AND I GET NOTHING.

    Are my books being done during this time? Not really because she’s only correcting the issues and teaching me more, I have to do the books after I get off with her which I can’t do because I’m too exhausted.

    First she once again called me late. Yesterday she was 23 minutes late, and today she was 20 minutes late.

    Right away I could tell she was in a bitchy mood.

    Just on the first issue, she says “I can’t tell you that, I’m not a bookkeeper or an accountant.”

    I am NOT asking her for help with the fucking books other than THEIR FUCKING SOFWARE HAS SCREWED EVERYTHING UP. It’s obvious what the transaction needs to be and since yesterday she’s been saying that more and more.

    In fact, I’ve been hearing this from a lot of their staff lately.

    So a transaction that should have been a transfer from my bank account to Pay Pal wasn’t. It showed up as an expense. She couldn’t get that which was surprising because normally she gets what’s going on.

    She then goes to try and prove that I added it in that way. Yeh RIGHT.

    I just randomly added in a transaction to the “for review” tab which I NEVER DO.

    The ONLY TIME I add transactions in manually is when I’m doing a reconciliation and I’m forced to do that because the transaction is MISSING BECAUSE OF THEIR SOFTWARE.

    Did I click on add or match? Yes, I probably did and I told her that’s what I do. I do NOT analyze every single transaction in the for review tab. I ASSUMED that their FUCKING SOFTWARE knew what it was doing.

    So if it says add, I add it, if it says record transfer, I do that. I just click a button.

    So right away once she went to their “audit trail” it was obvious to me that she was trying to prove that I’m the problem, NOT THEIR SOFTWARE.

    I discussed above that I already figured out their audit trail is FULL of bugs.

    it actually showed that I added it in December 2020. LOL, I didn’t even have my account active in December 2020. I only restarted the account in May or June 2021 I think.

    So I got upset at her and said I didn’t do that and I don’t appreciate you implying I’m the problem. YOU won’t admit that your software doesn’t work.

    So what does she do?

    She says she’s ending the call and she’s going to call the Office of the President to get me someone else because we don’t see eye to eye LOL.

    I said I can’t believe you are leaving me high and dry.

    All I have been doing is trying to get my FUCKING BOOKS done for FOUR MONTHS now and I CAN’T because their software is a PIECE OF SHIT and their staff doesn’t know what they are doing. They are blind as a BAT, they make mistakes in what they say all the time and I’m SICK OF IT.

    I’ve lost countless hours dealing with them AND I have to take a screenshot of EVERYTHING just to prove that I’m NOT the problem and their software is. I also have to take notes and I don’t mean one or two notes, but COUNTLESS notes to detail what the issues are.

    They won’t even let me speak to tier 2 when I call the regular support line and it’s obvious they don’t know what they are doing. And don’t forget that twice now I’ve had tier 1 support lie and say they asked me to share my screen when they never asked me.

    Antoinette at least had a brain and knew the software, BUT she refuses to admit that it’s THEIR SOFTWARE causing all of these problems, and she robotically says the same thing they ALL say which is, “we don’t do things to your transactions, you do them, or your bank brings in the transactions.”

    I hear that over and over again.

  30. So out of the blue on the 14th, I get an e-mail from Antoinette saying…

    “I am sending this email to see how everything is going with your Reconciles.
    I want to speak with you and will attempt a call Friday 10/15/2021 at the same time as always.

    Thank you,

    Intuit QuickBooks Online Support”

    I was like, WTH? I thought she wanted nothing to do with me anymore.

    I didn’t respond back. I had already did what I could to reconcile and I didn’t want anything to do with this terrible company anymore.

    I couldn’t reconcile my credit card because of their software issues, but I left it as is. The ongoing stress and wasted time by Quickbooks was killing me.

    The next day did she call? NOPE.

    But then I justs saw now that she claims she called and left a message.

    No message, no missed call. SMH

    Then yesterday the 18th she calls. I guess Monday is now Friday.

    I was busy and still didn’t want to talk to her so I let it go to voicemail.

    I just listened to it now.

    You aren’t going to believe this.

    She wasn’t calling me to help me, she was calling me to sell me on their bookkeeping and accounting services. LOL OMG

    So now if you have a problem with QBO’s software, you have to PAY to get help.

    FUCK THEM. She’s a BITCH!!!

    I canceled my account over the weekend just before they were going to charge me AGAIN.

    Oh, and also yesterday she did write me an e-mail to tell me she left a message (now all of a sudden she’s doing better with the emails) and then an hour or two later she says I’m closing this case and she did.

    I could have been sick or busy, but whatever.

    When the customer doesn’t get back to them right away it’s NOT okay, but when THEY do it and leave me stranded for months on end, it’s acceptable.

  31. Oh, LOL, get this and how STUPID they are.

    On the 15th which was the day she was supposed to call me, I get this e-mail…

    “Thank you for reaching out to Intuit’s Office of the President. This is an automated email confirming that a case has been created in our office. A case manager is being assigned to your escalation and will reach out to you within one business day.

    In the meantime, you may reach us sooner by emailing us at [email protected].

    Thank you again for reaching out.

    Intuit’s Office of the President ”

    There already WAS a case open and I certainly never called them to open a new one. I spoke to them the day that Antoinette ditched me and left me stranded with no way to fix their software issues.

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