Quickbooks Review

Here is my Quickbooks Review for quickbooks online also known as QBO and their parent company is Intuit. It’s a Canadian company.

Here’s the Office of the President’s contact information.

520-901-3280 or by email at [email protected]

I’ve been using Inuit Quickbooks since around 2006 or so, but back then I was using the Quickbooks desktop version and I would hire a bookkeeper to do the work because math isn’t my forte.

My experiences with bookkeepers and accountants

Then I went through years of making very little money, so every time I had to hire a bookkeeper I had to find someone within my budget.

I would attempt to hire these terrible bookkeepers from Upwork, even Facebook, even the Yellow Pages and this turned into a nightmare for me. I learned that it’s not just me who has the issues, most people (if they are paying attention), have problems with their bookkeepers.

They would make mistake after mistake and while I didn’t know exactly what mistakes they were making, I could see by the P&L statement they would send me that they had miscategorized entries. They had down that I made X dollars with one service or item I sold when I knew I didn’t sell that many items.

Over and over again I also had huge problems with their reliability.

In fact, I learned even years ago back when I was making a lot of money that the accountants I hired were addicts. They were in Canada, but I’m sure it’s the same in the US.

One accountant was an alcoholic. Every time he came to my house for a meeting, he reeked of alcohol.

The next accountant was addicted to weed, and so was his wife who was a tax expert. I never met her, but he told me that they both were stoned while they were working every day. WTH???

I even had one CPA who lied and said he was a CPA, then when he screwed something up, I called the CPA association and they didn’t have him registered there at all. They also didn’t care that he lied and claimed to have their license.

Years ago I had one bookkeeper who disappeared a few days after I hired her and she knew time was of the utmost importance to get the work done. I literally had to call the cops because she had ALL of my paperwork which of course was sensitive information.

Then she got upset at me for being upset at her.

She decided to take a vacation for several days without even telling me and it turns out that where she went there was no internet. She claimed she was told there would be Internet, then she got there and there wasn’t. So not only was I really stressed because she disappeared with all of my paperwork and I need the work done, the work was never done and I had to look for someone new all over again.

Other bookkeepers made mistake after mistake and I had to keep hiring more to get them to fix the issues and they wouldn’t. They would make things worse.

They also didn’t listen. When I say listen, I mean they were unable to read what I wrote and either do what I said or respond back to all of my questions. And almost all of them NEVER even asked me questions and while I’m very good at providing all of the information, anyone doing this work should have asked SOME questions.

Starting with Quickbooks Online (Intuit)

Anyway, after this went on year after year, I finally gave up and decided to do the work myself via Quickbook’s online software which meant I had to learn it from scratch.

I talked to many an agent there who also confirmed that many companies or freelancers had huge issues with bookkeepers.

Getting into my Quickbooks Review.

While most of the Quickbook agents were nice, I quickly learned that most didn’t know what they were doing.

They also didn’t call me back when we were scheduled to have a call, or they would call, I wouldn’t answer and then never call again. It turns out they can’t do that unless they get permission from their supervisor and of course that never happened so the whole thing would get dropped. Obviously, this is a terrible business practice.

I quickly started to learn that while they are nice, the company is poorly run.

Along with the bugs from the software as well as the agents giving me the wrong information, I was spending tons of time waiting for them to find the information because they had no idea what they were doing.

There were times I was on the phone with them for almost 8 hours.

I had no choice but to do the work myself because I wasn’t going back to hiring bookkeepers.

The software has issues. Lots of little bugs and for the most part they don’t care about fixing them because every year the same bug is still there.

I’m going to detail every time I have an issue with Quickbooks. If it’s not around tax season you won’t get updates, but now it is, so I’m finally finishing off this article because of what I’m going through with Quickbooks as I type this.

Current Problems with QuickBooks Chat Support – Quickbooks Review

  1. Quickbooks got rid of their phone support so now we are forced to deal with inept overseas chat people. (OF COURSE)
  2. I just realized today that I’ve been getting spam e-mails from this e-mail address [email protected] which I’m sure has a virus in it, so I reached out to their chat to tell them and ask what it is.
  3. This took over an hour and THREE different people because the first person (Khim Rhea Bian) disconnected the chat.
  4. The second (Roan P) didn’t get me a manager and kept asking me to verify my account even though I verified it before.
  5. Then he gave me a link to go to contact payment and billing and disconnected the chat.
  6. The link didn’t work so I had to start a 3rd time.
  7. As this was happening Quickbooks logged me out and I had to verify my account again even though I was on the same browser window.
  8. Finally I got someone who seemed swift (Andre Me) and gave me the link and told me I have to close the chat first in order for it to work. Well, that’s not true because the link worked this time.
  9. Then I type in the description box and it won’t let me type. It kept letting me type a few letters, then it would stop letting me. I finally gave up and just submitted the form with only 8 words of text.
  10. I’m sick of this BS.

So that wraps up this Quickbooks Review. I’ll post more as I have more to post about.



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