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This is my Somavedic Review. Their website is E-mail is [email protected]

Their CEO is Juraj Kočar. His phone numer is (415)548 8499.

So I found out about Somavedic back in January 2020. I had several questions and I always felt like it was pulling teeth to get the answers. I also could NOT get a straight answer as to whether their device worked both overseas (different voltage) and in the US for when I returned. The answers were always unclear or she skirted the question.

It’s very simple. Was the device manufactured so internally the unit just switches from 110 to 220-240 because it detects which voltage it’s plugged into?

I didn’t purchase anything because it’s a very expensive item, but I became their affiliate and was on their list.

Their affiliate department (if you want to call it that) never responded back to my e-mails. I let it go because there are many terrible companies that treat their affiliates like shit.

Every time they had a sale going on, they would give you no notice. Like 3 days.

If it was a regular company, okay fine, but for such a high priced item, you need to give your customers at least a week.

Then on April 3, 2021 I saw they were having an anniversary sale, so I wrote with questions this time ready to buy. Again no response so I wrote on April 6, 2021.

I also noticed they now offer payment plans.

Another business mistake. They never told us that they offer this now. I just happened to notice on their site. Obviously MORE people will buy if they know they don’t have to pay it off all at once.

Finally someone responded, but again I didn’t get the answers to my questions, only one question was answered. This time I was dealing with Juraj Kočar.

I wrote back asking him to respond to my other questions.

He ignored me.

On April 9, 2021 I wrote.. “If you don’t want me as a customer & affiliate, that’s fine, just LMK, b/c I don’t have time to chase companies, nor do I want to.”

It’s now April 13, 2021 and OF COURSE, he never responded.

I’m NOT going to recommend this company anymore and they just lost me as a customer, plus anyone else who may have bought through me.

If this is how they treat someone who wants to buy, imagine if you had a problem with their expensive units.

They aren’t an American company, they are from the Czech Republic if memory serves, but now they have a US presence.

Somavedic Technologies Inc,
388 Market Street
San Francisco, CA, 94111

(619) 379-8167
[email protected]

I suggest that Ivan find another CEO and get his business running much better so he doesn’t continue to get bad reviews and lose customers. I was really looking forward to supporting this company and getting their products.

Here is who is part of the company.

Ivan Rybjansky
Founder & Inventor of Somavedic

Juraj Kočar
[email protected]

Berenika Alexandre
Marketing & Growth
[email protected]

Tara Duke
Partnership inquiries
[email protected]

Zuzana Dolejsova
General inquiries

My Somavedic Review

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