Four Seasons Dental Spa Review

This is my Four Seasons Dental Spa Review.

8855 W. Flamingo Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

(702) 281-9900

A dental clinic owned by James Wright. Full name and credentials James Wright, DDS, AIAOMT.

His office manager is his wife Debbie.

I should have probably done this review years ago right after I went to see them in 2015 for an analysis, but I was busy and never ended up writing about it.

Debbie his wife just hung up the phone on me and had she not done that, I probably would have just forgotten about them again and never done this review, but people need to know what I went through with this clinic.

I’m 100% holistic, and unfortunately, Las Vegas isn’t a very holistic city for obvious reasons, so there’s only two holistic or bioidentical dentists in Las Vegas.

The first one never responded back to me, but this Four Seasons Dental Spa did.

Initially, Debbie seemed very nice. Due to me having to take the bus which would have taken forever, she was very nice and said she would have a car pick me up.

I’m being honest, I don’t remember exactly what happened, I just remember that there was a problem with the pickup and by the time I got there, I had been waiting a very long time.

I paid in advance for the checkup, cleaning, and X-rays.

I walked in to the dental clinic, and the place was very fancy and I wondered why. I finally figured out it was also a spa which I found strange. Since when do dentists have a spa?

I’m very intuitive, so right away something felt off, like they were showing off.

Due to the issues with the appointment, I had to wait a long time to be seen, but eventually I got the cleaning done. She did an okay job, but it wasn’t great.

I got the Xrays done and was sitting in the chair waiting for the dentist to come in. In the meantime, Debbie, his wife, starts showing me things about my teeth on this HUGH monitor right in front of me. That’s when the fear-mongering started.

I found it very strange that she was talking to me about my teeth when usually the dentist does that.

By the time the dentist, James Wright, sat down and finished with me, all he had done was make it seem like my whole mouth was going to fall apart and I needed TONS of work done.

I walked in a fairly calm mood, only to walk out hours later a nervous wreck.

I had to stop him for a sec to get up to go to the bathroom and when I got back, he was gone and that was IT. He hadn’t even talked to me really and I wasn’t even sure the appointment was done. Not a goodbye, thanks for stopping in, I hope to see you again, NOTHING.

I was all alone. I had no idea where anyone went. I walked into the main reception area and Debbie then proceeded to hand me how much the invoice would be if I got all of the work DONE.

I can’t remember the full amount right now, I think it was like $25,000, and I was like NO WAY am I paying that. I had all of my mercury fillings removed and it wasn’t even half that amount. Then she says okay, this is what the discounted price would be if I only got the lower level work done. I don’t remember what that meant. I think the materials wouldn’t be as expensive. THAT amount was going be $10,500-12,000.


The GREEDY sales pitch was DISGUSTING and I felt like I had been ripped off. Sure I got the okay cleaning done and I got x-rays done, but it was clear I was never going to get anything done by this guy.

I know all about the dentist industry and how a good portion of dentists are scammers out to make TONS OF MONEY and rip people off.

I am NOT saying this about the Four Seasons Dental Spa, I’m just saying I had a similar experience with a holistic dentist in Toronto, Ontario where I could feel that all she cared about was the money.

In and around 2016 I started to hear stories from others where they got ripped off by dentists (not holistic) who did work on their teeth that was unneeded. And about a year ago I saw the whistleblower story about the Kool Smile pediatric chain of dental clinics that were not just defrauding the government, but harming children in the process.

I started to wonder if I’d also been ripped off as a child when I had so many so called “cavities” filled.

I was furious that I wasted my time with this clinic and the worst of it was the fear-mongering. My stress level had gone through the ROOF.

Fast forward to December 2020, I called them up asking them to e-mail me my X-rays because I was about to see a holistic dentist where I am.

The girl calls me back saying that they changed their software a few years ago and so my file got lost. I was like WHAT??? I paid for those X-rays. She said there’s nothing she could do about it.

I was furious and had to pay for other X-rays to get done.

Yes it was a long time since I got those other X-rays taken, but that doesn’t matter, my current dentist wanted them and so did I so we could compare.

My current holistic dentist told me to call them and say I want my money back because they are supposed to keep them for 7 years.

I finally saw him and forgot about calling the Four Seasons Dental Spa until today, April 21, 2021. I spoke to a nice woman called Karen who supposedly only started a couple of weeks ago. I told her I wanted my money back because they lost my file.

She said she would discuss it with Debbie and call me back.

All of a sudden she called me back and said she found my file. I was like WHAT??? You guys told me you lost it. I paid for new X-rays for nothing. I was FURIOUS AGAIN.

She e-mailed me the X-rays (a little too late not to mention the time I wasted dealing with the Four Seasons Dental Spa) and she would tell Debbie that I was upset.

Debbie just called me, didn’t even introduce herself, wanted to make sure I got the X-rays, so I said you mean the ones you said you lost back in December?

She starts to argue with me and then lie saying it says right here that they sent them to me. I said no you didn’t and she hung up on me.

Karen had ALSO said they sent them to me, but that was back in 2015. It took her a while to figure out that they weren’t sent to me in December. Had I known they had sent them to me back in 2015, I would have done an e-mail search to see, but the other girl I spoke to back in December told me my WHOLE FILE was gone!

That’s my story.


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