These are my experiences with Uphold. In a sense, this is my review of Uphold.

This is their site – https://uphold.com/

I had no idea who Uphold was until I started using the Brave browser. It’s what Brave went with to pay out on their rewards program.

I’ve had nothing but issues with Uphold since I started e-mailing them back on February 20, 2020.

  1. First off, they are clearly dealing with 3rd world country people who can’t understand English.
  2. I had issues with their site and setting up 2 factor authorization (2FA).
  3. Even after that was finally set up which took many e-mails and weeks, a couple of months later I couldn’t log into my account even WITH the 2FA code from my cell phone. It took me yelling at them for 2 weeks because they kept saying they couldn’t do anything. They were locking me OUT. I even complained to Brave about them.Uphold finally removed the 2FA from my account so I could log in. SMH
  4. The last two times I’ve had to contact them I’ve found NO WAY TO DO SO. There’s no contact page, no link on the top or footer naves. Nothing. The last time I complained about this they told me that it was on the bottom right of the window. You know one of those live chat buttons that I can’t stand. I looked again the other day and it’s not there.So I told them that it’s not there and I even sent them a screenshot. The ONLY reason I was able to contact them is because I have their e-mail, otherwise I would have been SOL. I asked for a manager.They ignored what I wrote. I asked why they are ignoring me (all 3rd world country people ignore you when they don’t understand something or they just want to sweep it under the rug.)

    Again they ignored me and now I’m yelling that I want a manager.

  5. This last response to my ticket does NOT show what I wrote last time. It’s ONLY showing me the very FIRST thing I wrote, so there’s no way to read the entire thread and this confused me. I have to do extra work to search my sent folder just to see what I wrote them.
  6. Part of the money I got from Brave was put on some US card which looks like a debit card to me. I just asked them if I have a debit card in my account because I want to withdraw and I need to know if I should put it on there. They said no. Then WHAT is that card for??? Now I have to respond back AGAIN and wait who knows how many more days and repeat myself AGAIN.
  7. I’ve seen others in the Brave community complain about Uphold for various reasons. I’ve read they ignore people’s e-mails, although I’ve never had that happened to me.

While the service they offer seem cool because you can move your money onto debit, convert to other cryptos, and supposedly even precious metals, how can anyone trust these guys when they can’t even get their site to run properly, and they don’t even understand English or address everything that is written.

I’m writing this to vent. I almost NEVER EVER write up an online complaint after one issue with a company. Not unless it’s HUGE issue, but when I constantly have issues with a company, then I feel the need to write about it and I will continue to add to it every time I have another issue.

Also, just in case some other company is looking into working with Uphold, they should know what others have gone through.


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  1. Here’s their bloody response. I screamed AGAIN I WANT A MANAGER.


    Thanks for reaching out.

    We’d like to help and need more information.

    Could you give us some more details about the problem?


    Valeria and the Uphold Team”

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