Reef Sandals

Reef SandalsMy experience with Reef Sandals.

So I’ve been wearing Reef’s flip flops since 2012 and I needed to buy new ones, but I couldn’t find them on Amazon or their site, so it appeared as if they were no longer selling the Dream ones.

I started to have issues with them when I called them a few weeks ago. Their IVR said  they weren’t taking calls and you had to e-mail them.

I am stuck overseas, so I was getting their EU site instead of their US site. I wrote them and no response.

I finally used a VPN so I could get to the US site. I wrote them and again no answer.

I reached out on fakebook and no answer until around 2-3 days later.

It took close to 5 days and at least 3 back and forth before she passed the message over to customer service when she shouldn’t have even had to do that. I had given her my e-mail address. How complicated is it to just look up the e-mail from the e-mail address?

I also had to waste time copying my original e-mail to her.

Finally I get a response via e-mail, and she tells me they were bought out last year by a company.

She took a few days to respond and tell me that they didn’t have the Dream which I was thinking I shouldn’t wear anymore anyway. I told her what the issue was and asked her for other options.

She sent me 3 other options.

When I went to look at the reviews on their site, several of the customers said they were very disappointed. The quality of the flip flops had changed, and they were either too narrow or too small in size, or too tight.

There was no way I was going to take a chance on that so now I have to look for another company to go with.

I’m letting you know that they have clearly been bought out by an evil corp and the once good Reef sandals are TOAST.

If you don’t already know, the evils are bringing down the entire world, so pretty soon there won’t be any companies left anyway and if they are left over, that means the evils bought them out unless you were already buying from an evil owned company.



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