Review of BedaBox

This is my complaint about BedaBox which is a package forwarding company

BedaBoxWhat package forwarding companies do, is allow you to forward items you buy in America to their address. They then remove packaging, invoices, boxes the items come in, and then consolidate all the items into one box and ship it to wherever you are outside the US.

This way it costs you less because shipping each box individually is way more expensive and these boxes often come heavier do to the packaging inside.

So this was my first time using a package forwarding company, although I have a lot of experience with mail forwarding companies.

First of all, these are the details of BedaBox

[email protected]
2305 NW 30th PL Pompano Beach, FL, 33069 USA

Jan Bednar
Chief Executive Officer
+1 (954) 882-7539
[email protected]
Deerfield Beach, FL
[email protected]
They recently moved to:
402 Hillsboro Technology Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL

I joined Bedabox back in July of 2016.

BedaBox is owned by Jan Bednar from what I understand and it’s a fairly new company, so I tried to be patient with them. Sabina is the girl I spoke to 90% of the time. There didn’t seem to be anyone else there whenever I e-mailed them. She’s a sweet girl, but most of the time it’s VERY hard to deal with her from a communication standpoint.

Positives about BedaBox

  1. They were very good at going the extra mile (or so I thought) when I asked them to wrap things, find me a smaller box so the cost wouldn’t be so high, etc.I had a certain budget for the shipping, and I didn’t want to go over it. Or if I had to go over it, not go over it by more than $5.
  2. Sabina was pretty nice the last time I used their service in December 2016. She found a smaller box that fit something long and the cost dropped by 50%, so I was very happy. At that time she also waived a $1 storage fee, as I didn’t get all my packages consolidated quick enough.I know $1 doesn’t seem like a lot and it normally wouldn’t be, but shipping overseas is VERY expensive, not to mention I was spending a lot of money on all the items I just purchased, as I didn’t want to ever ship overseas with only one or two items, so I’d wait until I had the money to buy about 6-10 packages. Just so we are clear, I’m NOT rich at all.
  3. Their pricing structure isn’t bad at all, especially compared to other package forwarding companies.
  4. They were very good about submitting a claim to DHL for something that broke during my first shipment, but it was also an issue on their end, as I stated that anything glass should be wrapped and it wasn’t. It was left in the original box glass touching glass.I believe now they won’t take any more claims and you have to submit the claim yourself. I read something after this last shipment in July 2017. 

Negatives about BedaBox

  1. BedaBox “claimed” that the return address (who the packages were from) weren’t always clear, so I’d often get something like, “unknown,” or some other obscure word that didn’t tell me who it was from. This can be stressful since you have to make sure you receive every box you ordered and they have to match up.I find it very hard to believe that the sites I purchased from didn’t have their company name on the return label.
  2. There were some site issues which I did tell them about and it sounded like they would fix them. Unfortunately due to how they coded things, one of those issues caused me major stress with my first shipment.
  3. Their payment system is on the strange side where you have to add a credit card first, and only then after it’s pinged your credit card company and it’s been verified on BedaBox’s end, can you use it.I get that they are protecting themselves from fraud, but the first time I used it, one of my credit cards wouldn’t go through even though there was nothing wrong with it, so I was forced to use Pay Pal.Even the second time I used their service my payment wouldn’t go through, so this was an issue. This last time everything was fine.
  4. Communication issues the first time I used them. This wasted a lot of my time and frustrated me to no end. This was both with Sabina and Jan. I had to reach out to Jan due to me not understanding almost anything Sabina was saying on the phone.While Jan wasn’t nasty or anything, when I wrote her about several points, all she did was repeat the same thing that Sabina had said to me on the phone which irked me, plus at NO time did she acknowledge that Sabina doesn’t communicate well and I wasted my time. So, that left me feeling like she didn’t care how her staff works, and was siding with Sabina. I didn’t want to deal with Jan again. I remember feeling really put off.I chalked that incident with Sabina up to a one time issue and continued to use them.
  5. When I first signed up with BedaBox, I didn’t have a problem getting anyone on the phone or getting responses to my e-mails, but from that moment forward everything went downhill.In September I had to write to Jan again saying it’s been 4 days and NO response. After the first e-mail I wrote to her, each and every time I wrote to Jan she NEVER responded back to me which is clearly VERY rude. The only reason I knew she was acknowledging me, was because I’d get a response from Sabina.
  6. In November after e-mailing and calling with no one answering the phone and 4 days went by, I once AGAIN had to contact Jan to get a response.
  7. In December AGAIN, 3 days went by and still no response. I had to start using Facebook and posting on their page to get ANY kind of response and even then there were no responses with in 24 hours.Even when I called their office and would leave a message, no one called me back.
  8. During my December shipment, because of ALL the delays in dealing with Sabina and no one answering the phone, their system kept charging me storage fees which were not my fault since I was trying to ship the package out, but it was too expensive. I needed to communicate with them and because of ALL the delays in communication, this delayed my package going out.I had to e-mail Jan again and this time Sabina looked at what I purchased, saw she could remove one of the items from its original box, find a smaller box and this solved the entire problem.Yes this was during Christmas rush, but had I not had other problems with BedaBox in the past, I would have understood and chalked it up to a one time experience.
  9. June 1, 2017, asked a question on Facebook, again no response.
  10. Fast forward to June 28, 2017 I was concerned the cost of the shipment would be high because I had purchased a much needed pillow. Everything else was very small and of low weight.First they lost 2 of my boxes and didn’t get back to me right away to explain what was going on, and I was upset. A few of the items are temperature sensitive, and can’t sit in heat, and I didn’t know where they were. I thought they got lost.

    Turns out someone else has almost the same name as mine, and so they gave her my boxes. But, our US numbers aren’t the same, so that was a mistake on their end. The US number is like the number that identifies one customer from another.

    Once the consolidation was done, unfortunately the cost was once again DOUBLE my budget, so I reached out to Sabina on Facebook again (turns out she’s the only one who manages it) and asked her to find a smaller box. Yes I did ask her if she would waive some of the $2 charges because of all the issues, but she said she couldn’t and I accepted that.

    Sabina did find me a smaller box, , but it was still over my budget, so she said she would see if she could squeeze the pillow into an even smaller box. After that, I never heard from her again.

    Once again I was ignored, and this time it was a WHOLE WEEK. I wrote to her on Facebook twice. I e-mailed and nothing.

    I had no choice but to reach out to Jan again, and this time I was upset.

    Instead of apologizing, Jan blames me saying, “Sabina always wrote you back, explained we can’t make the package any smaller.

    Maybe our service isn’t the best fit for you. Nobody else has an issue with consolidations and shipping like you do. We are setup to be an automatic operation, meaning you manage everything through your account. But in your case, you always want something cheaper or smaller or something extra, and unfortunately we can’t accommodate that with the current pricing structure.”

    So she lies about Sabina always getting back to me, and I don’t know what this “extra” is that I supposedly get because I don’t get anything extra. What’s extra to get?

    Now, I can see her point of view, BUT they advertise that they will consolidate your packages into the SMALLEST box they can find, yet they obviously don’t do that otherwise Sabina wouldn’t have found smaller boxes that fit my items and slashed my prices by half both times.

    Like I mentioned, I am NOT a rich person and me asking (nicely) if Sabina could re-pack the boxes and her being able to do that just proves that something isn’t right over there in how they handle the packing. If they were REALLY finding the smallest box, I never would have had to ask in the first place.

I had no choice in the end but to pay the extra $17, but I was furious with how I was treated by Jan, especially after being stressed out by them over and over again every time I used them.

Not ONCE in this past year has Jan Bednar taken responsibility for her poorly run business, and then she has the NERVE to blame the customer and just toss me away.

I of course won’t be using BedaBox again and of course they don’t want me. Now it’s your choice whether you want to deal with a company such as this.

P.S. I found out from DHL, that BedaBox never gave my box to them for 4 days. That’s 4 days after the e-mail was sent that my box was on its way, it was sitting at BedaBox. This is why it took so long.

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