Viddyoze Review

ViddyozeSo here is my Viddyoze review after purchasing one of their packages. It was actually their $67 package.

I did post my review on Warrior Forum because I purchased it through Warrior forum, but when I saw that he tried to hide my review by just continuously posting marketing material over and over again to bury my review and didn’t even respond to what I said, I knew I’d have to post it here so others can find it.

Warrior forum used to be a lot worse than it is now, but it’s still just a lot of terrible “shove down the throat” sales pitches where all the guys stick together and support one another so they can all make tons of money off of one another with low quality products or customer service. The odd time I will find something on there that’s useful to purchase.

1. Excited this Viddyoze video creation software

I had been really excited about purchasing this video creation software from Viddyoze. I wanted to start offering this service to clients who need this done, plus use it for creating my own videos.
Viddyoze’s sales pitch shows their BEST videos which aren’t all within this package. In fact a lot of them were overlays which I didn’t even understand, but from what I learned, they go over the video, so I believe those overlays take away from the total amount of videos by at least 25-50%.

Also, a lot of the videos from Viddyoze in one category were ALL for social media. Sure, we need that too, but they would showcase one style video for each social media company, so that would be four or five videos just pointing to a different social media site. Again, it may be necessary, but it skews the amount of amount of different video templates you think you are actually getting.

2. Poorly Designed Site

Viddyoze’s site is poorly designed in my opinion. I would go click on a video template to view it, and there’s no way to right click, so every time I wanted to view another video template, I’d have to hit my browser’s back button to get back to the original list of video templates available.

3. No Proper Categorization

The videos weren’t categorized properly in my opinion. If I needed to find a good video based on the client’s industry or what they are looking to do, I would have had to memorize EVERY video Viddyoze offers or guess what category it was in just so I could start the work. It was either that, or I’d have to waste time clicking every video template sample over and over again until I memorized what it looked like, which category it was in, etc. That is NOT an efficient use of my time.

4. Choppy

The samples were choppy. I tried several & they were all like that. I did report that to¬†Viddyoze’s customer service.

5. Poor Customer Service Experience

I reached out to Viddyoze’s customer service right off the bat with questions. I had a poor negative experience.

a) Text Field Space

The girl I spoke to couldn’t tell me which videos allowed how much text space. Meaning, if I have to tell my client they can only give me X words or X characters, I can’t. I’d waste my time going back and forth with the client telling them what they sent me wouldn’t fit, please give me less text. And I wouldn’t even know if the next submission would fit. Viddyoze hadn’t written down how many characters were allowed for each video in the text field. This would make me look bad because I should know this ahead of time if I’m a professional, right? The customer service girl had no clue about any of this.

b) Images

It appeared you could upload more than one image to the videos. When I asked, she told me some videos you can upload more than one image, and of course she couldn’t tell me WHICH videos those were.

c) Doesn’t know the Viddyoze product

When it was clear to me she really didn’t know all that much about the Viddyoze product, I asked to speak to a manager 3 times, and 3 times she kept asking me to tell her why. Then she refused to let me speak to a manager.

Well that was it for me, once you as a company REFUSE to let me speak to a manager, I no longer want to deal with that company.

I asked for a refund. Of course I had to ask twice, and then threaten with my credit card company before she’d give it to me.

Too bad. Had things worked out, I could have purchased their monthly package which while expensive, may have been doable once I tested out the flat rate package.

They also lost my business for their other products, but it’s clear to me they just don’t care.



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