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Complaint about TollFreeForwarding.comHere is my Complaint about

I was looking for a throwaway phone number to use just once for a site I was going to contact.

This company had a 14 day trial which I felt was sufficient time to see if the site I contacted would call me. wanted a credit card, but I wasn’t willing to give one, so I thought that was the end of that, they won’t let me sign up.

The next thing I knew, I got an e-mail saying I could use the number (951) 344-5910 so I used it.

The next day this guy, who is supposedly the director, calls me and leaves a message. He also sent me an e-mail saying my number was all set and ready to be used. Well I already knew that because I got that e-mail yesterday.

Alex Witek 213-452-1505 x222

Here’s more info about them or him.

Toll Free: 1-888-452-1505 x222
Fax: +1-213-452-1551
5901 W Century Blvd. | 9th Floor | Los Angeles CA 90045-5421
[email protected]

I didn’t know why he was calling me since how difficult is it to put the number you are forwarding into the site. I had already done that.

But in order to cross his call off of my list of calls I had to make, I called him back.

When I explained that I was willing to pay, but only IF I used the phone number, that wasn’t good enough for him because their business model is to charge every month.

I couldn’t believe it WHEN he cancels the trial and now if that site calls me, I’m SOL.

I swore at the asshole and hung up.

While I get that they want to make money, they now LOST any future business I may have wanted to give them if I decided to use forwarding phone numbers.

If they WON’T honor their 14 day trial, they should NOT be advertising their 14 day trial.

And if they HAVE to get a credit card, then they SHOULDN’T be telling the customer that their number is okay to use now.

This company is UNETHICAL in my opinion and their webcopy is misleading.

So there’s my Complaint about


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