Review for The Arc Solutions

Review for The Arc SolutionsThis is my review for The Arc Solutions. Here is their information below and yes, they are from India.

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So I found this company from a freelancer on Upwork who gave me the link to their YouTube Channel to choose which intros and outros I liked.

Once I hired the freelancer, he then supposedly did the work and didn’t use ANY of the numbers I told him I liked. Their Youtube video lets you pick which graphics you like by number.

Then a day later he starts asking me questions I had already answered and still NEVER sent me anything I could use.

That’s when I started to get upset and came across Arc Solutions and their site.

I thought that they sell the software for people to create intros and outros for YouTube channels, and you just buy the software and sell the finished product to clients. There are a ton of companies out there who have this business model where they sell an easy to create video or system and then people sell that service to clients.

I asked them if they knew of any other freelancers who could create my Youtube intro/outro for me.

They said they didn’t.

I contemplated trying to do it myself, but I had custom music, so I didn’t know how to deal with that.

They had 3 different packages, but the package for the 10 second intro was $99 and I needed 15 seconds, not only 10. Plus I didn’t want to pay that much. The less expensive ones were only 5 or 7 seconds long which is way too short.

That’s when they wanted me to message them privately which I did.

The guy told me he could expand the intro to 15 seconds which I thought was very nice, and he started asking me for my logo, music, etc. The next thing I know he’s saying he can do this for me for $49.

I wanted to confirm that any future intros I would have done with the software would also be 15 seconds because I knew something didn’t seem right.

That’s when things got all confusing and I now realize it was my fault. I didn’t read that in their list of pricing it said, “delivery within 5 days.” That would have told me it’s not software you just download. So I take full responsibility that I didn’t read that, BUT that still doesn’t explain why the guy on Upwork was selling their intros which is WHY I thought it was automated, he had the software and he was just selling the service to do it for clients.

Back to what happened…

The guy didn’t understand me and I had to repeat myself. We were going on almost 30 minutes of my time at this point.

He also wasn’t able to figure out what I thought was going on and EXPLAIN what his company offers. I literally figured it all out on my own while writing this.

Then he wanted the name of the freelancer. Then he starts saying that the intro sample I sent him (see above) wasn’t his channel. This confused me even more.

I said I can’t believe I just wasted my time, I find what you are saying very confusing, told him I have to go find another solution for an intro and outro, bye.

Then he writes this… “Sorry to say but you get confused very easily. “


I said back that NO, when someone understands me and is clear, I understand everything very well. He even denied he ever told me that his YouTube channel wasn’t his.

When I pasted what he wrote, “Not our YouTube video.” Of course he had no response for that.

I wanted to know why he didn’t tell me 30 minutes ago that this wasn’t his channel.

Then he says yes it is his channel LOL

Then despite me clearly NOT wanting to speak to him anymore, he writes me this like a little child, “It’s funny because I found you rude when I was trying my best to help you and answer every question of yours”

Never ONCE was I rude to this guy. It wasn’t until the end when I realized I wasted all this time and sure he didn’t know what was in my head, but he DID know that the freelancer didn’t do the work for me and that’s how I came across him. I told him this.

So then I reviewed him on his Facebook page with one sentence saying he’s rude.

That’s when things got worse. He messages me again saying … “You left us bad recommendation
May I ask when I was rude to you.
This is not fair you left us bas review only because I refuse to offer you free service”

So he’s a liar too. He accuses me of wanting something for free when I NEVER asked for anything for free. I just wasn’t willing to pay $49 for one intro and outro. He wanted to know how many I was going to want & I told him I needed at least one more and maybe more down the road.

Had he just let it all go when I said I have to go find someone else now instead of saying, “Sorry to say but you get confused very easily, ” I never would have left him a bad review OR write this review for The Arc Solutions on this site.

Now he’s complaining and saying he tried to answer all of my questions and he can’t help it that it didn’t work out in the end. He doesn’t even get what he did wrong.

Again, I ONLY decided to write my review for The Arc Solutions because of him accusing me of being the problem and talking to me that way.

I guess this freelancer was stealing their intros, and I just assumed The Arc Solutions was selling the software that creates them.

I had to yell at him to stop messaging me, but he didn’t. He kept messaging me over and over agian.

He did apologize, but we were already too far gone at this point.

Then he starts asking me how would I like it if he gave my site a negative review, so I took that as a threat. He was NOT my potential customer. If he was, I never would have said the things he said to me or continued to harass the client.

So is he going to lie about me an my site to get back to me?

When trying to block him, I came across the review option (I don’t know what that other thing was that I did), and this time I gave more details about what happened and stopped him from responding.

He took something that was a misunderstanding and wasn’t his fault (granted he doesn’t understand what’s going on which was his fault) or my fault 100%, and made the situation very bad.


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