Review of Namecheap

Review of Namecheap

Review of NamecheapSo here is my review of Namecheap, the hosting company.

I haven’t used them for buying domains, only for hosting.

Review of Namecheap on 09-24-18

Fucking moron from Namecheap doesn’t get that I’m using webmail to check my mail. And of course this was after I told her. Tech support name was Maria Morgunova.

It’s been 50 mins. and I’m STILL no closer to getting this issue solved that when I check my webmail the e-mails don’t show up. They show up when I send it from that account to that account, but not when I get it from someone else.

She even sent a test that I asked her to and it never arrived, but she says it’s showing up.

I asked for a manager 3 times.

Every time She says please wait 7 minutes. Please wait 10 minutes.

Review of Namecheap on 09-27-18

Takes the live chat person 5 minutes to authorize my account. It’s now 1:10 minutes later and we STILL aren’t finished the conversation. I put money into my topup area in my account and this live chat person Andrew Rudyk is discussing this with the billing department and they STILL can’t pay the accounts I have from the money I put into the topup area.

OMG, Namecheap is TERRIBLE.

Last time they never told me that I have to fill out my profile address in order to be able to add the accounts to the shopping cart, which supposedly will then take the money from the topup amount.

I filled out that form and had I had this option from before because Namecheap hired people with BRAINS, it would have taken me 2 minutes to make the payment.

I’m STILL waiting and it’s been around 6 minutes and they should be faster than me because it’s their SYSTEM.

Review of Namecheap on 09-28-18

I went from paying for a full year of Namecheap to paying monthly until I could find another hosting company I can move to. When I tried to log into my main hosting account (I have 7), it said I had the wrong login.

2 of the accounts I had had been changed to a different type of hosting account. I thought the logins were the same. I tried to reset my password and the system couldn’t find my user name or my e-mail address. <sigh>

I started a live chat and got Lilia Rudenko.

She was clueless. I asked for a manager right away and she wouldn’t give me one. She kept telling me the user name doesn’t exist and my e-mail address doesn’t exist.

Then I had to start DEMANDING a manager over and over again. It’s now 28 minutes later and I’m FINALLY getting a manager. She solved the problem within 10 minutes or less. Part of it was my fault, I forgot to change the drop down from domain to hosting. Why they have domain as the default is beyond me, but the other techie should have asked me if I had the right department when she couldn’t find my account. Of course that requires brain cells.

Review of Namecheap on 10-13-18

I started a live chat and this time decided NOT to write what the problem was because their inept site cuts off the text and it doesn’t tell you it does.

So all I gave this tech person was the 3 details they needed to confirm my account because that’s ALL Namecheap EVER cares about is confirming you, NOT hiring staff that have brains, are fast and don’t cause stress.

I got Sergey Vorobyov and right away my blood pressure went up.

After waiting several minutes he asks me for the 3 things he needs to confirm my account even THOUGH I already gave it to him.

So right away I asked for a manager.

This is after I wasted my time typing out what the issue was which OF COURSE still hasn’t even been read or discussed because this complete moron doesn’t even read or understand English.

I get silence, so I finally said HELLO???

It’s now been 22 minutes and he tells me there’s no managers and I can send my complaint to this e-mail [email protected]

I told him that’s ok, I’ll wait and in the meantime I wrote to that addy and screamed in the e-mail.

27 minutes into the live chat he says he’s transferring me to a manager and I may have to wait as IF I haven’t already been waiting almost 30 minutes for NOTHING!!!!!

I know you will say I should look for another hoster and TRUST ME, I have tried to find a hoster within my budget for my 7 different accounts, but I haven’t found one yet.

I will keep adding my Reviews of Namecheap to this post as I have to deal with them.

I got this manager (shift leader) Eugene Y. very quickly. It was obvious that he had a brain when he knew exactly why I wanted to speak to him.

He got everything sorted out within 5 minutes.

I DID ask if there’s a way to get American support or shift leader support if I pay extra and he said no, so there’s no way in HELL I can stay with Namecheap.


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  1. Namecheap’s site is horrific. Every time I have the misfortune of dealing with it, I go through stress and around in circles.

    1. I have had this experience before trying to turn off auto renew. This time I wanted to turn on auto renew because I’m back to paying monthly and when you go to their product list or expiring buttons, NONE of them allow me to switch to auto renew.

    Turns out you have to do it through the “domains” button which makes NO logical sense since I don’t use Namecheap for domain registry – thank GAWD.

    I had to get the manager to do it for me.

    2. I went to the area that lists all my accounts and their due dates. It spins and spins and spins and takes FOREVER to load the cart buttons where you can add them to your cart.

    Then I go to add the last account to my cart that hasn’t been paid for through the topup money area and first I get errors when I tried to add it.

    Then I had to restart the page and this time it finally added the account to my cart and I kid you NOT, it took 3 minutes for the site to take me through every page and finally pay even though the money was in the topup area.


  2. Here we go AGAIN…

    I started getting e-mails saying I was going to be billed again when I was already billed this month.

    I replied to one of the automated messages that comes from [email protected]

    It came back undeliverable.

    I then forwarded my response to [email protected] & it TOO came back undeliverable.

    I went onto live chat really upset now & while I’m sure I gave the girl (Anastasia Brusentsova) the security details (it disappears once the live chat starts so I can’t even confirm if I did or not) she kept asking me for it & kept stalling in giving me the manager.

    It took 35 minutes for me to get a manager.

    Of course the manager had to defend her saying they do the same job as managers. I said no, you are NOT the customer & you don’t know. They aren’t smart & it ALWAYS takes an hour for me to get my situation resolved.

    I’ve been with the manage on live chat now for almost 2 hours.

    I didn’t even know their server was down yesterday, so at least I got a free month for that which is the FIRST time that NC has ever given me a free month.

    They changed their e-mail server IP address & of course didn’t tell customers, so my cloud flare needs to be updated. This is why my e-mails to them were bouncing back.

    When I asked why I’m going to be billed early (twice in November), her answers made NO sense to me. And she didn’t read what I had written twice before, that I JUST got billed in November for almost all of my accounts. That was Olga Samchuk.

    Now I’m being transferred to billing

    Over 2 fucking hours dealing with Namecheap.

    Now he tells me there will be delays (Paul Litvinov).

    SURE, why not, what’s another fucking hour of my life.

    So instead of reading what I wrote & addressing that, he starts telling me not to worry because I won’t be charged for a month.

    LOL, of course this does NOT address WHY I was going to be charged in the first place, so I had to go take a screenshot of all the charges in November because if I DON’T do their job for them, NOTHING GETS RESOLVED.

    We FINALLY finished after 3:17 FUCKING HOURS!!!

  3. So I was having issues getting into the file uploader in Cpanel for one of my accounts. I don’t know if it was my computer, but every time I clicked on “Upload”, it wouldn’t do anyting, then I couldn’t even refresh and this happened around 3 times, so I contacted Name Cheap live chat after I finally got it working and it was taking forever to upload.

    It took Ivan Belous 6 minutes to verify my account.

    Then he couldn’t figure out the domain name based on the user name I gave him.

    Then he found no issues with the server, so he wanted me to do a trace route which I did, I gave him the screenshot and then he COULDN’T find the domain name in the trace route.

    I asked him 3 times for a manager and he kept stalling.

    We are 31 minutes into the live chat and I’m ONCE AGAIN, wasting my time with Name Cheap.

    At least he found the issue, so I’ll give him that much, but look how long it took him because he can’t read or understand English.

    ” I have found the Modsecurity rule was triggered for your account.”

    Once he whitelisted me, I asked him to do it on the other 6 accounts and not only could he NOT find the other 6 (only 2), he didn’t know what I wanted.


    55 minutes later I started screaming that I want a manager. He keeps asking me what issues I’m having with the other accounts.

    He went to get his manager and Google Chrome screwed up and closed the live chat.

    I went back into live chat, got this person who REFUSED to give me a manager.

    Stas Demyanovskiy

    I got the same BS message that they don’t work on live chat when I know that most of the time they do.

    I told him I would be reporting him and closed the live chat window.

  4. I had to deal with Alex Shulga & right away he didn’t understand my English.

    I stated, “I will go in there, but NOTHING has changed. It was all set up back when I moved back to NC 2 months ago & I haven’t had issues since until yesterday”

    He had wanted me to send him a screenshot of my e-mail settings in Cloud Flare.

    How do I know he didn’t understand me?

    Because he said, “Would you provide me with a screenshot?” This was 10 seconds after my response & ONLY 2 minutes after he asked me, & it doesn’t take only 2 minutes to bring up Cloud Flare & then login & provide a screenshot.

    I started getting angry, of course. This seems to be a common personality trait with people in 3rd world countries (not just the Ukraine.)

    They repeat themselves over & over again as if you are a complete moron.

    I said you don’t understand English. He had to argue with me that he knows English.


    It doesn’t matter what country they come from, if it’s a 3rd world country.

    Now if it’s a First world country, they are smart enough to know their level of comprehension, & they will usually downplay how much English they know. They don’t tend to let their insecure ego get in the way of being honest.

    Anyway, I FINALLY got a manager after asking twice & I got Oksana Eleva. Actually based on something he said, I don’t think she’s a manager either.

    She wasn’t smart like the other managers there usually are.

    She also did the same thing as the guy above. I asked a question right after she gave me the first settings to replace in Cloud Flare.

    Instead of moving along & answering it, she repeated her instructions to me as if I’m a moron & can’t understand her.

    I had to keep telling her things that were obvious, & I had to keep asking the same questions over & over again.

    Like I sent her a screenshot of each of my accounts & while no, she couldn’t see inside the SPF box, the domain name was listed all over the place & she had wanted me to tell her each of my domains, as I have 7 accounts in total.

    And for that reason I had to do extra work to give her a 2 step screenshot.

    Turns OUT, that they change the mailout IP addresses on shared servers, & don’t even inform the customers. This is why I was getting undeliverables. ONE undeliverable was to NC themselves LOL

    And ONCE AGAIN, I’ve been on live chat with NameCheap for an hour, not to mention the stress of not knowing what was going on earlier with 2 undeliverable e-mails.

    Of course I asked for a credit & I’m waiting on that, so it will probably be close to 1:20 hours by the time I’m through AND my food was on the stove, so I couldn’t eat.

    Now it’s getting cold.

    I had to stop eating my food several times until this was totally wrapped up, as it took them 20 minutes to extend my 4 accounts for 3 days.

    They constantly send me generic messages about how sorry they are, how they have excellent customer service LOL, yeh right, that we deserve more as customers, etc.

    Every time I talk to them that’s their favorite generic messages because EVERY time I talk to them there’s a problem.

    Total wasted time & stress 1:24

  5. March 4, 2019

    Talking with Karina Barinova

    Literally ONLY a few days after the last live chat wasting almost 1 1/2 hours of my life, I’m forced to contact NameCheap’s live chat again.

    I got 3 e-mails telling me that 3 of my accounts are going to be suspended in 3 days.

    I’m like WTF???

    Turns out that because that last girl extended the due date, their site is soooo horrifically designed & coded (I’ve mentioned this before) that it can’t auto renew all of the accounts even though auto renew is set up on my account.

    So I had to waste time renewing them automatically & she ONLY told me about the 3 accounts. I saw another account that didn’t renew, but she is soooo stupid that she didn’t even see that one.

    I asked her about it, I’m waiting for her to respond while making other comments.

    Then I noticed another domain that hasn’t been auto renewed, so that’s 2 on top of the other 3.

    Oops, I noticed 3 more that haven’t auto renewed.

    It doesn’t even matter that I got a credit due to all the issues last time, with ALL of the time I have to spend babysitting NameCheap & stressing myself out, it’s a waste of my time.

    At least I can do work while I’m dealing with them.

    She’s not bright at all. She’s checking each of the domains I showed her even though billing is telling her that I have to manually renew the next domain.

    OBVIOUSLY, it’s the same answer for ALL domains. That’s called COMMON SENSE.

    And why didn’t I get e-mails telling me they hadn’t been renewed??? Why did I ONLY get an e-mail 3 days before suspension?

    And why didn’t the LAST girl tell me I was going to have to manually renew?

    I asked for a credit because almost an hour of my time was wasted & OF COURSE, they won’t give me anything because my sites weren’t down.

    I HATE NAME CHEAP. I’m still looking for an alternative hoster.

    I just left the chat without even saying goodbye I was so pissed off.

  6. Sorry for not posting, it’s just the same BS with NameCheap & I waste soooo much of my time dealing with them, that I have no energy to report on it.

    In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve wasted time on live chat where it of course takes them around 10-15 minutes just to verify me.

    Then they don’t understand my English, then tney refuse to get me a manager saying managers don’t go on live chat when I know they sometimes do, as I’ve tlaked to them, etc.

    1. Name Cheap also says my site wasn’t down when it was. Of course by the time I wrote them or they read my e-mail, the site was working again & they were clueless as to why it happened or that it even happened. This was the first week of June.

    In May they admitted the sites were down because they put them on different servers. I of course didn’t know this because I REFUSE to sign up for their notification list.

    I made the mistake of doing that once & I started to get TONS of e-mails in my inbox.

    2. Then there were database connection errors on another domain/server. That took days for them to resolve because they were e-mailing me & I wasn’t getting their e-mails so I had to go onto live chat every few hours to complain AGAIN that no one was responding to my tickets.

    3. They finally figured out there was an e-mail issue on THEIR end so it took another day & several live chats that wasted HOURS of my time to get that resolved.

    Yes they credited me, but I’m pretty sure my times is worth MORE than $2.88

    4. Then I get a notice that one of my 7 accounts is going to be suspendede for non payment even THOUGH I’m on recurring billing.

    They have no idea why that happened.

    I finally resolved it by figuring out where to go in & manually push through the amount, but the stress of thinking my sites were going to go down to no fault of my own, was a lot for me.

    Remember, their backend is NOT user-friendly at all, so every time this happens, I have to hunt around for the area to make the payment as this isn’t the first time.

    That takes us to the first week of June. These issues were for all of May & that one week in June.

  7. So once again I stressed myself out dealing with Namecheap and their live chat because they labeled an e-mail I sent to them as spam all because I put the word “nudity” in the subject line.

    I had a simple question for them. So because it was blocked, I was forced to go onto live chat.

    They should be WHITELISTING customer’s e-mail addresses. Dahhh

    Second, it took almost 5 minutes for anyone to pick up live chat which I do say is abnormal. Normally they pick up within 10-30 seconds.

    Third, even after I gave her the 3 things I ALWAYS give everyone to verify my account, she kept repeatedly asking me for a domain. WTH???

    Then I got upset as my time was being wasted & I had to scream over & over again for a manager which is when she finally accepted what I gave her & did her job.

    By the time the live chat was done, I lost almost 30 minutes of my LIFE for a 1 minute answer. And even her answer wasn’t clear & I had to ask additional questions to get a solid answer.

  8. So, WordPress started to tell everyone that they have to upgrade the PHP and when my website coder tried to find the area in CPanel on Namecheap, it wasn’t there, so I had to open a ticket to get Namecheap to do it for us.

    I had them upgrade it to 7.0.

    That took going back and forth with them because they are too stupid to look up all of my accounts and all the domains on the accounts.

    Then almost 1 1/2 weeks later I’m notified by Down Notifier that many of my sites are down.

    Because I didn’t look at my e-mails before that, they had already been down for 12 hours.

    I rushed to create a ticket via e-mail and then go onto live chat.

    I wasted 2.5 hours dealing with the guy who tried to get them up and running.

    They screwed up and had installed or enbaled zend_guard_loader or they didn’t know that 7.0 doesn’t work with zend_guard_loader which is on the CPanel side, nothing to do with me.

    Then he tries to send me a link when I said I have no idea what that is.

    I’m like NO, I am not here to read geek speak, just FIX the sites.

    That didn’t work, then he wanted to upgrade it to PHP 7.2, that didn’t work.

    Then it turned out to be some rule the other techies on Namecheap put in the PHP.ini file when they should have ONLY been touching the htaccess file.

    Then I asked him what line of code was the problem AFTER he said he fixed the line of code.

    Of course he couldn’t remember.

    I said ok, on the next site copy it from there which is when the moron said… “We do not assist with website development and code debugging. That being said, I won’t be able to provide you with the actual part of the invalid code. ”

    So he’s fixing the PHP issues, but he REFUSES to tell me what is wrong. LOL

    Then when I demanded a manager 3 minutes go by and then he says… “Do I need to check other cPanel accounts or get in touch with the manager right away?”

    I’m like DO BOTH!!!

    OMG, they can’t handle doing more than 1/2 a thing at a time.

    There were at least 21 other sites that had to be fixed. He said he would e-mail me when they were done.

    I was exhausted, starving and just wanted to get off with him.

    I told him he better get back to me within 15 minutes.

    I didn’t get a response until 2 1/4 later.

    Then 2 days later I notice once AGAIN the sites are down. I respond to the ticket and wait and wait hours later I go onto live chat again.

    He got the 5 sites fixed and then I had him upgrade the PHP to 7.3.

    AGAIN I was on with Namecheap for 2:35 minutes.

    Just absolutely NUTS, and no one can explain why when they first changed it, all was fine.

    And it was once again issues with plugins on CPanel so they DO NOT know their job, how CPanel works, etc.

    Who knows, I may have to deal with this BS in another day or two.

  9. So it’s been one thing after ANOTHER with Namecheap in September.

    I think this incident was the WORST I’ve ever encountered.

    On the 27th, my e-mail stopped working, & 3 of my sites on one of my servers were redirecting to some other site. I only realized this when they told me this.

    They kept insinuating that my sites had been hacked & kept sending me links on how to be more secure when I already am VERY secure having 3 different security plugins set up.

    They kept telling me that they checked for redirects & couldn’t find anything, & that they scanned for malware & couldn’t find anything. That was 2 different live chat people.

    I had to stay on live chat with them for almost 5 hours when they finally got it fixed. This meant I couldn’t go to sleep because who goes to sleep when their sites have been HACKED???

    Then they told me that they had to do a maintenance transfer, sent me some sales pitch about how the new server was soooo great.

    That’s when they told me I had to wait until the transfer was done before they could continue looking for the problem.

    I didn’t want to get off of live chat b/c knowing them, it could take 5 more hours & I still won’t have my sites working properly.

    I spoke to 3 different tech support people AND a supervisor in live chat.

    Once they got my sites back online, I demanded to know what the issue was & they kept telling me it was b/c my sites weren’t secure & MORE links to security.

    The supervisor created a ticket, & after talking to 2 more low level staff via e-mail who said the same thing, I asked for another manager.

    That’s when I found out the TRUTH.

    During the maintenance that they didn’t even know was going on when I first contacted them, they had redirected my 3 sites to someone else’s site who was also on my shared server.

    And supposedly they also can’t check redirects or scans when maintenance is going on, but that’s what they did.

    And the manager talking to me in e-mail thinks this was all ok b/c the sites were supposed to be down anyway. LOL

    While everyone had apologized for the 3 days this was going on b/c that’s the only thing they are good at, I didn’t want apologies, I want people who know what they are doing.

    And yes the manager said he was going to retrain the staff, but retrain them on what? How to use their heads?

    How to know how to CHECK whether the maintenance is going on when the customer is on live chat???

    So that was close to 10 people who didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t until the 2nd manager investigated that I found out the REAL reason my sites had been redirected to someone else’s site.

    I lost 5 hours of my life, couldn’t go to sleep, was stressed non stop thinking I had been hacked, ALL b/c of Namecheap.

    Yes, I got one month free, but who cares. For 5 hours of my life being stressed non stop!!!

  10. MORE stress and issues with Namecheap:

    1. I opened a ticket, put in their oppressive 3 security details at the end of the e-mail which was VERY short, like 1-2 lines of text. The girl asks me for the security answeres AGAIN so she didn’t address my question.

    I scream at her that I ALREADY gave them to her and I want a MANAGER. Actually I think I created a new ticket just to complain about her.

    I screamed because this happens every so often.

    And this doesn’t have anything to do with them having to be intelligent. THEY DON’T READ!!!

    3 hours later I’m like WTH??? Why hasn’t anyone gotten back to me so I write AGAIN screaming, as I’m on the phone with my website coder and we are waiting on THEM.

    2. Around this time we have another different question, so I create another ticket.

    I get a response to the manager ticket, but still NOT the ticket with the question. She says they are looking into it.

    Another hour passes and still NOTHING.

    After around 4-5 hours I STILL didn’t get an answer to my question(s) and me and my website coder were done. We couldn’t wait any longer.

    Shortly thereafter Namecheap’s manager writes me back and responds to the question of the first ticket INSIDE the second ticket.

    It was technical, I was tired an pissed off at them (AS USUAL) and I couldn’t believe she didn’t answer the other ticket or that she confused me and put the answers in one ticket. I wasn’t even sure.

    Turns out she merged them and didn’t even tell me she did and they were TWO totally different topics.

    I started screaming and swearing at her and them. Normally the managers are much smarter than the first level, but in this case she was just as stupid.

    Of course the next day another manager tells me I’m not allowed to treat them that way LOL

    Yeh, the MINUTE Namecheap gets STAFF who can read ENGLISH, understand ENGLISH and they have a brain and I STOP having my time wasted, I WILL STOP YELLING AND SWEARING.

    In the end even the second manager was clueless as to what was going on and I think he confused the PHP question (I have to wait to see what my website coder says.)

    He also didn’t acknowledge that this ALL started with that girl asking me for the security questions even THOUGH I gave them to her in the first e-mail.

    We also learned that Namecheap removes features from WordPress when they shouldn’t. The topic was Cron Jobs on WordPress. (sigh)

    What a NIGHTMARE over two SIMPLE questions!

  11. It took her (Kate Kurko) 7 minutes just to approve my account.

    Then after I gave her the error message that I get when I tried to add a post on my site, and I told her it’s when I go to add a post, it took her another 2 minutes for her to ask me if I mean when I try to add a post (JFC).

    They are just as slow and supid as Filipinios. No doubt about that!

    I need to go to sleep & I CAN’T because I have to wait for her to figure out what’s going on which I’m SURE will take an hour.

    Finally she wants me to create an account for her so she can log into my WordPress to try and test the issue and see what the logs say.

    I said I thought you have to check the logs through CPanel.

    Then she tells me she can’t log into my site through CPanel LOL OMG, they are sooooo stupid. I NEVER said she should log into the site through CPanel.

    I’ll ask my website coder if there are logs in WP, but I thought they were in CPanel. They are probably different logs.

    Anyway I go to test the page again just before I’m about to create an account for her & now the site’s working.

    I tell her this because OBVIOUSLY if it’s working she can’t test it and she will never be able to tell me the problem now.

    Instead of addressing whether she still needs to test it because it’s working, we play ring around the rosey because she’s a MORON.

    12 minutes go by and I have to ask her AGAIN if me creating a login for her will help because it’s working before I finally get an answer that NO she can’t look at the logs if it’s already working.

    And she definitely wanted the login even after I told her it was working.

    If I didn’t have a brain or was brand new to sites I would have wasted my time giving her the login only to have her tell me what I already told her 30 minutes earlier, that it’s WORKING so she can’t tell me why it WASN’T working.

    And this all sounds RIDICULOUS to me. It wasn’t working only 10 minutes earlier, so why can’t she still check the logs?

    I just left the live chat I was so pissed.

    ANOTHER 30 minutes of my life down the drain & NO SLEEP due to Namecheap!

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