Factory Direct Deals (Can’t read the name on the receipt clearly, but I think it’s that) – Scarborough, which is in Toronto.

54 Lingarde Drive
M1R 1X6

416-840-9212 or 647-436-3827

So I was looking for a laptop for my trip out of town, and I had one all set until the guy screwed me over. I had to find one quickly because I was leaving in a day and a half and had to get the laptop prepared before I left.

I found another guy on Craig’s List, and I drove ALL the way from Brampton out to Scarborough hoping this guy wasn’t going to be a rip off. That’s a 45-60 minute drive.

He was East Indian or Pakistinian, not sure which one.

I get there after he gave me screwy directions, and he tries to sell me a laptop that has a keyboard in French.

I got soooo pissed off, I gave him a piece of my mind and walked out.

I was furious.

Then he calls me back after I had driven a few blocks saying he found one that’s in English.

The entire time he’s trying to make it seem like it’s no big deal that the keys aren’t labled properly, he didn’t know it wasn’t in English, and who even needs to know where the “delete” key is, because he never uses it.

I drive back (I really had no choice), I check over the laptop, and it seems okay.

I go to my seminar and come back using it only a smidgen.

Within a month after my son starts using it, there were already problems with the laptop.

The mouse button kept coming off.

Then there were problems with the speakers or something.

I call the guy to tell him there are problems, and he says “how do I know you didn’t do something to the laptop”. I finally hung up on him.

It was clear I had been scammed, he had no intentions of honouring the warranty of 30 day, and all he was set to do was try and talk my ear off so he didn’t have to take responsibility for his crappy merchandise.

Also the battery never worked.

It doesn’t even last 10 minutes on the battery.

Now my son turned it on and Windows isn’t working, so now we have to get it checked out by a professional.

It was an IBM T23, and I paid $340 for it, which is a lot for a product that doesn’t work.

So, the choice is yours if you want to purchase from this guy.

I would have bought a slightly more expensive one that wasn’t a huge brand name had Microsoft not just come out with their terrible Vista operating system.

I asked Future Shop if they put XP on it and they refused even though I know people in the States have asked for that and been given that service.

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