Well I’ve had problems with Sears about 3 times now, once at the Erin Mills location, another two times at the Bramalea City Centre Location.

All and all, Sears has very very poor customer service.

No one is around to help you when you go into the store, and no one ever comes up to you to ask you for help.

This is the basic letter I wrote to the Office of the President since both the store manager, and then the customer service department dropped the ball and became part of the problem.

I will comment at the end to the end of the story.


I was told this is the e-mail address to the Office of the President. Is it?

I am being forced to write to you because of the very negative experiences I have encountered all the way from the store level all the way up to the head office level with customer service.

This problem started last year with an employee at the Bramalea City Centre. Her name was Nadia, & she wasted my time describing a clock to me that wasn’t even in stock. Had she told me it wasn’t in stock, then it would have been up to me to decide if I should continue listening, or hear about another clock.

Note: I never asked for that specific clock, I asked about any clocks that had 2 alarms & set themselves. In the end I had to do her job for her asking about another one I saw trying to troubleshoot which clocks were actually there so I could purchase it that night.

Anyway, I was a bit teed off with her & asked her why in the world she would waste a customer’s time describing something Sears didn’t even have.

She proceeded to come up with an excuse that people usually don’t buy when they are there, they are just browsing.

While that may be true for high ticket items, to make that assumption about every single low priced item is ignorant.

I had already had to wait for her because she went to help another customer 2 minutes after she told me where the clocks were located, so instead of me being in & out of there in 5-10 minutes, the entire incident took me 20-30 minutes.

She gave me attitude about my complaint, so I decided to contact her manager. The manager apologized for Nadia’s behaviour, & that was the end of it.

Fast forward to the end of September 2007. I was looking for a VCR.

I called the department & someone put one aside for me. I came in & bought it from a very nice man who also helped me to find out information on some Halloween items.

We tried to use the VCR, & it wouldn’t work. We spoke to JVC & they recommended we return it for another one.

I called on the Saturday (Sept. 30) to have the department put another VCR on hold for me because I knew there weren’t that many available. I was told by a guy that I don’t need to, there were plenty. I said “are you sure?” he said yes, no one ever buys them. I wasn’t 100% sure he was correct, but took his word for it. I told him I wouldn’t be in until Sunday or Monday, he said that was fine.

At that time I decided we didn’t want the Halloween item I purchased, so I took that to return as well.

On October 1st, my son & I carried the heavy items all the way to that department & I put them on the counter.

Nadia was at the counter, but at the time I had no idea who she was.

From the minute I put them down & said I’m returning one, exchanging the other, there were problems.

First she tells me I can’t return the Halloween item & I’m like, “WHAT???? Why not???” She asked me if I opened it. What does it matter if I opened it??? It’s not like it was after Halloween & I was returning something I had already used.

When I ask to speak to a manager, she walks away & eventually comes back to start running it through. No apology, explanation, nothing.

Then she tells me there are no more VCRs left & I will have to wait until a new order comes in, so at this point I was pissed! First she gives me attitude trying to prevent me from getting my money back, now I’m being told there are no VCRs left when I specifically called up a couple of days earlier to put one on hold.

I don’t like wasting my precious time & money on gas plus having to deal with a very very rude sales person.

I said in a somewhat raised voice that I specifically called up to put a VCR on hold, this is ridiculous, etc. etc.

She goes to look at the shelves & comes back with one (she never looked before) & tells me I don’t have to be rude. This makes me even angrier. Not ONCE did she ever apologize for making 2 mistakes, & now she has the nerve to tell me I’m being rude???

I started raising my voice at this point & asked her for the store manager’s name.

After I walked away, I remembered the incident back in 2006 & wondered if this was the same girl. I mean what are the odds of having a very negative experience with 2 totally different people who both don’t know how to do their job properly & aren’t very smart & clearly lazy.

I called on 10-03 & spoke to Brian Ohasky (store mgr.) & while relaying the incident, told him that I actually think this is the same girl I had a problem with several months earlier & maybe she recognized me & this is why she treated me this way. (Either that, or Sears clearly goes out of their way to hire the most rude people ever.)

I told him that I shouldn’t have to fear going into Sears to purchase something, & me & my ex bought at Sears (not that location) all the time & I have been a great customer over the years.

I was never sure she was the same person, but I did ask him if the clocks are in the same department as the VCRs & he said, “yes.”

I told him the full story, & then he told me he will call me back after speaking with her.

He called me back 5 minutes later stating she wasn’t on until Saturday, can he call me back after that. I said sure, I was in no rush.

I completely forgot about the incident until it popped into my head. I was then left wondering why Brian never called me back. On 10-15 I called again leaving him a VM message.

Still no return call.

Now I’m getting upset.

What is going on here???

On October 23rd, I call the head office & spoke to Sylvia. She thought maybe Brian was away or something & I told her I don’t think so.

I had even asked the operator at the store if he was still around when I called a 3rd time & it was his day off, so I didn’t leave a message.

I really don’t think that 20 days later he was away for that entire time.

He called me to tell me Nadia wasn’t going to be in until that Saturday, if he knew he was going away, why didn’t he call me to tell me that too.

I had also left another message on the 15th too, if he was away, why didn’t someone else call me to tell me that?

As an aside, I told Sylvia at the customer service department that there was a noise when on hold. Every time the message comes on, there is this sharp noise that is irritating & hurts my ears. It hasn’t been fixed because I encountered it today as well while on hold.

So anyway, it’s now 10-31 & still no call from Sylvia.

She told me she would call me back.

I call & speak to someone named Ruth who starts giving me attitude right away.

I had given her my phone number & name, she could easily have read over the notes, but instead, she keeps asking me what the problem is. I DON’T like repeating stories over & over & over again.

I asked to speak to Sylvia. She said unless I give her an extension, she doesn’t know who Sylvia is.

What, you don’t have employee names & ID numbers in the system as to who writes what notes???

I tell her I’ve been having nothing but problems with Sears, & if I have to, I’ll go to the Office of the President.

I don’t get any empathy from her whatsoever, only a robotic response of “what is the problem?”

I even tell her there should be notes there, I don’t feel like repeating myself again, she refuses to acknowledge what I say once again saying “you aren’t telling me the problem.”

I ask to speak to a manager, she refuses to let me speak to someone & at one point it almost sounded like she was telling me that she was a manager. Is this how your managers treat customers???

I ask for the number to the office of the president, she refuses to give me that number.

I finally hang up the phone after asking her for her name.

Very nice staff you hire.

I call back again, this time going to a different department. I ask for the number to the Office of the President, Connie ends up either hanging up on me, or somehow the phone gets disconnected. Lovely.

I call back a 3rd time, I get Lila who FINALLY gives me this e-mail address.

Now Lila is very empathetic that I was hung up on, & that I’ve been having nothing but problems with Sears & I didn’t even tell her my story, I just told her I was hung up on & have been having serious problems with Sears.

She sounds like she actually cares about what happens to a customer. Is she like the only nice person who works at Sears???

So here we are.

I wonder how I will be treated by the Office of the President.

Am I going to be ignored like I have been by the Store Manager, then Sylvia. Is this even the e-mail address for the Office of the President?


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  1. So here is what happens…

    On October 31st, 2007 I write the above letter to the e-mail address I was given.

    Over the course of the next month until November 23, 2007, I get the run around.


    1. They can’t find my address even though I gave it to them already.
    2. Then it’s clear they didn’t read everything I wrote about every single person I came into contact with.
    3. Then they want to direct me back to the Sears store to that department when I CLEARLY stated it was past that, & I wanted the Office of the President or someone close to that department.
    3. Then they get Brian Ohasky (that manager I originally spoke to who never returned my 2-3 calls) to call me & he leaves a message.
    I don’t return his call, because it’s gone past him helping me.
    4. Then they e-mail me back saying Brian called & left me a detailed message. I said NO HE DIDN’T, all he did was leave his name & number.

    5. Then again they get Brian to call me. This time I was there, so I decided to pick up the phone.

    Either the guy was extremely thick, or Sears is just a pathetic excuse for a company.

    No matter how many times I told him I wanted to speak to the Office of the President, he wouldn’t budge in helping me to get me what I wanted. He claims there is no office of the president, they closed it down years ago. LOL, so no one is manning the entire corporation. Yeh, that goes inline with how I was treated LOL

    Finally he acknowledges that his boss told him to call me.

    So even his boss didn’t have the balls to call me.

    I told Brian straight out that this was also a complaint about him, so of course I’m not going to speak to him about himself LOL

    What a joke.

    In the end nothing was resolved, they just stone walled me, wasted more of my precious time, clearly didn’t care, & it’s very obvious they run a terrible company, look how at every level of contact I had a problem.

    I was told by someone else, that the only reason Sears survives is because they live off of their financial investments that they started dealing with years ago.

    So, I have BOYCOTTED Sears because I’ve had enough.


  2. Myself and my Aunt purchased party tents from Sears in May for an upcoming 100th birthday party for my Grandmother. When we put them up on that day they were garbage !!! They were made of heavy plastic wrap and had tiny pieces of velcro to hold them together, No tethers, no rope, no nothing. As soon as a breeze came they literally fell apart. The day was ruined, my grandmother had to stay inside from the sun. It was horroble. I contacted Sears and they gave me a 90 day peroid to bring them back. I told them I was within 90 days and then they changed it to 30 days but said they MIGHT take them back but with a 20% restocking fee. That did it. Why should they profit for ruining a special day by selling product that is obviously not up to code. These ” TENTS ” as they called them, were nothing more than a cheap sunshade and cost almost $ 350.00 each = $700.00. My days of shopping at Sears are over after more than 25 years !
    At one time they were a good company always stood behind the customer and never gave a hassle. Now, with corporate greed rampad in this country, not many companies give a damn about their consumers just the bottom line.So long SEARS !!!!

  3. Sears Home Central Calgary, Windows installation:

    I purchased windows from sears in July 2009 and installation done in September. February 2010, the installation is still not completed. I have been running around like chicken without a head calling every Sears Customer service – They dont help! What do you call poor service? This one is.

  4. I totally agree with all the above comments.
    Sears retail stores have zero customer service.
    I had purchase a blouse about a month or so ago and had not even worn it when I notice the lining on the collar had come out leaving a huge hole. I called the store manager who could care less and made it seem like it was my fault. I later called corporate customer service, and honestly don’t know if Sears goes out of its way to hire the most arrogant people or what. I spoke to two different reps both claiming to be supervisors and yet had zero customer service skills. One hung up on me.
    I wasn’t even looking for a refund, I simply wanted to see if they could exchange the same item for me as it was a manufactuering defect.
    Last time I spend my money at such a lousy business.
    All Sears cares about it making a buck, to hell with customers and customer service.

  5. Never buy from Sears again and neither should you. Bought 2 appliances last August.($5000). Stove malfunctioned out of the box which they replaced. The fridge was a side by side with water dispenser. The water froze up constantly. They sent a new door which was banged up but was told it would be replaced. A month later a door arrived wrong model sent back. Another month then a new door wrong colour. Told door would be replaced. Sent another door wrong colour. It has now been 7 months and still waiting. These have to be the dumbest people on earth. We have given them the option of replacing either door so that they match or replace the fridge. Can’t seem to get them to understand. The first level when you call is someone from Asia who mostly speaks our language. We are not happy with these results and will NEVER shop at Sears again. They do not deserve out business. I have told my investor that he eliminate any holdings we have that contain Sears stocks. They are about to fail as a company.

  6. If you need home renovations, stay away from Sears Home Central Canada!! Botched roofing artists.
    In fact, stay away from Sears altogether.

    They now call themselves Sears Home Services. Don’t be fooled by a name change. It’s the same crowd who botched my roof job, with the same lousy attitude.

    June 20, 2002, 25-year roof shingles and attic vents installed by Sears Home Central. They installed the ventilation improperly, causing premature deterioration of shingles, also water infiltration as a result of ice dams. I had requested that they make sure there was proper ventilation at the time of contract.

    I called Sears rep the next day to express concern about the placement of Maxi Vent. It is half way down the roof. The rep, Ken Campbell, looked from the ground, on one side, and said it was good enough. Against my better judgment, all I could do was hope for the best.

    That summer, I noticed excessive falling off of granules from shingles.

    July 11, 2009, I noticed shingles becoming bare, curling and breaking. I called Sears Home Central to report this. (1-800-220-5635) It took several calls before someone got back to me.

    July 31, Sears sends an inspector to have a look. Without hesitation, he informs me that ventilation was not properly installed, that this was causing the problem and it was Sears’ fault. He said Sears would fix the ventilation and replace the shingles at no cost to me.

    Afterward, I visit Maxi Vent website and found, according to their very clear instructions, that indeed the ventilation was all wrong.

    Since that time, Sears has flatly refused to fix anything. All I get from Corporate Customer Service and the local manager in Ottawa is excuses, untruths and gobbledegook.

    This is the most deplorable and shameful performance I have seen in my life. STAY AWAY FROM SEARS !!!

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