Freelance Host –

I signed up only to waste my time.

I can’t log in, so I thought something was wrong with my password.

I requested it to come to my inbox.

It didn’t the first time, finally I got it the second time, but in that e-mail there wasn’t even the login URL for the site (that shows me they don’t know what they are doing).

I tried to e-mail them saying the password was correct, but the e-mail ‘[email protected]’ wouldn’t send. That’s when I realized there were ‘s in the e-mail hyper link, so I had to manually delete them.

I tried looking on their site for a contact link & NOTHING.

NO response back to that other e-mail.

Why would anyone spend so much time building a bidding site only to lock people out of it. Very strange unprofessional company in my opinion.

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