Idearc Media – Verizon Super Pages
P.O. Box 619810
D/FW Airport, TX

This company is absoultely the most unprofessional company I’ve ever come across.

The people here seem to be very stupid, & I experienced this from almost day one.

I can’t give you very accurate information only because I tried their advertising back around 2004 or 2005, & I can’t remember all the details from all the way back then.

Within a month of me signing up for their advertising program, there were issues.

They overcharged me, & I still didn’t get even one lead.

The sales rep never returned my calls, so I dealt with the manager.

Clearing up ALL the charges took days, but finally I got most (not all) of my money back, so I lost money.

Of course I told them I didn’t want to deal with them anymore, & over a year later I started to get invoices from them. I canceled the account again in Septemeber 2007 thinking that would be the end of it, but NO, they charge my credit card again in November or December of 2007.

I e-mail them telling them to take it off my credit card. They don’t respond back. I do a chargeback, so the bank gives me the $15 back. Then Verizon refunds me my money, so the money the bank gave me was taken back out again.

I get another statement in the mail from them. Now I’m furious.

I speak to this girl named Erica on 03-18-08 & she tells me that because they credited my account, that I now owe them $15.

LOL, this Verizon company is too much. Talk about morons.

This is their issue, NOT MINE, I never got the extra $15 because my bank took it back & they are wasting tons of man hours & paper trying to get a measly $15 out of me?

They refused to stop harassing me, saying they don’t deal with banks, & I refuse to spend another minute on this because they screwed up, NOT ME.

She said they don’t have an Office of the President.

Of course there is no President running the company, how could there be, all this company does is rip off people. She gave me this person’s name saying he’s a high up person.

I left a voice mail message for James Spece at 1-866-803-0854 x 6934

Associate yourself with this Verizon company at your own risk. They have cost me tons of time (which is money) & stressed me to no end.

Person James Spece

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