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Yeh I’m sorry I have no more information for ya.

If you read my other post about the mover who did a no show, you will know I was stressed to find someone new to replace him the day of my move.

After going through the Renters News where most of them don’t even have a business name, I came across this guy who sounded Haitian or something similar.

I don’t care about race, I care about quality, honesty & ethics. I’m just telling you so you can figure out who he is if you ever come across him.

He kept going on & on about how he doesn’t lie, etc. etc.

While he gave me most of the information the first time I called him, the 2nd time I called him all of a sudden I’m being told I have to pay a stair fee.  I’ve moved several times & NEVER heard of this nonsense, but I wasn’t going to argue about it.

I was also told I had to pay extra for appliances & I didn’t know if this was accurate because I’ve never moved appliances before until now.

So after searching through all the ads calling, leaving messages, etc. I decided to go with the guy above.

He told me because he had a smaller truck (not 26 cu feet), he wouldn’t charge me twice.

I was exhausted & stressed to the gills & didn’t even think to ask what that meant.

I thought it meant he would stop the clock while he was unloading & then start it again when he got back to the house to reload.

Well that didn’t happen & later on in the night when I called him on it after he gave me the bill, we started arguing.

I decided not to argue over this extra hour I was going to pay. His argument was that he didn’t charge me to go back & forth to the house which was only 7-10 minutes away.

Then there was some service charge tacked on that he NEVER told me about, but of course he claims he did.

He tries to make it seem like he’s doing me a favour because he wasn’t charging me GST (according to him), yet there was no real explanation for the service charge other than he charges it.

Revenue Canada, the guy is clearly charging GST, not calling it that & pocketing 6%.

When we finally arrived at the new house the 2nd time, I was dead. I was in sooo much pain & we were starving, so I went looking around for a place to get food hoping I’d be back before they finished unloading.

Unfortunately I wasn’t. In fact they seemed to unload very quickly now that they had my money in their hands, so I probably lost money there too. All in hour I was probably charged 1 1/2 – 2 hours more than what I should have paid.

I told my son to tell them where everything goes, but he is only a kid.

They put my washer & dryer in the garage because it wasn’t ready to go into the basement.

Now 3 weeks later I finally get into the garage (you know how it is when you move, you are dead & trying to unpack & I killed myself for the next 3 weeks trying to unpack everything) & I notice the dryer is tilted.

Also when I went back to the old house later on that night, I noticed one of the knobs to the washer or dryer laying on the floor.

The assholes had left it there & it wasn’t even close to where the laundry room was.

So we now realize 3 weeks later that one foot is missing, one knob is lost (we can’t find it after I had dropped it into a box somewhere) & the other knob is cracked.

I go to the receipt they gave me & sure enough no company name, not even a contact name & I can’t remember his name since it wasn’t Canadian.

I call him up because I find the number.

Right away he starts playing games saying he doesn’t remember me, why did I wait this long, how does he know what I broke in the meantime, etc. etc.

He refused to pay for the parts which is now running me $65 to replace.

Another note: whenever his phone rang during the move, he would pick it up & talk to potential customers on my time.

So the honest guy in the end isn’t honest like he states.

No one in their right mind tries to get a mover into trouble by accusing them of losing a foot & 2 knobs off a washer & dryer. That’s just stupid & I’m sure had we noticed it earlier, he would have come up with an excuse for that too.

Hire at your own risk


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