1. http://www.ablakeforum.com – the owner Anthony Blake banned me (my first time ever being banned after being on forums for over 4 years), because I was very angry at being ripped off by a graphic web designer who was paid for a design we never received. I posted an angry post on his forum under his section to “out” people who rip people off. I wasn’t nasty, just angry & I told the truth.The person who ripped me off is his friend (maybe even a lover) Lisa Preston. In fact I found her through his forum.

    So while others are allowed to out people who rip them off, Anthony doesn’t allow you to out his friends when they rip you off.

  2. http://www.wickedfire.com/ – one day I was on the board hiring writers, the next time I went on there, I was banned. No contact from the owner or moderator as to why. I think it was because I posted on a graphic web designer’s thread that he said he would do work for me after he was done another project, we were supposed to finalize the details, but instead he strung me along for a week with no end in sight to make sure everything was finalized so he could start the work.

    When I called him on it, he told me to go elsewhere & I got pissed that he wasted my time.

    He then proceeded to lie on the thread saying he never told me to go elsewhere.

    Since other should know what kind of a worker he is, I put him on on my other site that outs unethical, unprofessional, unskilled, uncommunicative independent contractors.

    That is THE only reason I can guess I was banned since I did nothing wrong on the board. I never do, it’s just not in my nature to make up problems.

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