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Primus.caSo I’m shocked is still in business, but this is how the telecommunications industry controls everything, including the government.

I didn’t know they had MORE power than the PHARMA MAFIA until I started learning about 5G back in 2018.

Anyway, I’m moving this review from a very old site to this site.

Looks like they are owned by… McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group and I have to assume (without wasting my time investigating further), that they were always owned by them.

And look… Costco has a deal with them, so if you have problems, I recommend hounding Costco, as they will do way more for you than this company.

You can see the details here.

Well, my story is kind of lengthy, but I really feel you need to be aware of this company that I consider to be a joke. I don’t even feel they should be in business. I’ll be surprised if their company doesn’t go out of business in the next few months.

Around September 6th, 2004 we decided to switch from Bell Canada to Primus, as Primus was offering what I thought was a good deal.

Residential service with all of the smart touch features which I was willing to go without PLUS, free long distance to anywhere in Canada and the US.

I phoned up the week prior to find out what the deal was all about. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with a CSR that I soon figured out didn’t know what she was talking about. In the end I ended up instructing her on her own job.

Because I was nervous about getting misinformation, I called back on the 6th to see if someone during the day would be more well informed.

I had to wait on hold for like 20 minutes. When I told the CSR, he told me they are receiving a lot of calls and are in the process of hiring more staff. This CSR seemed a little more on the ball, so after confirming what I needed to know, we went ahead to sign up.

He told me that within the last week, Bell Canada had now informed Primus that it would take 25 business days to transfer over, not the original 20 days I was told I’d have to wait. I sighed, but went ahead anyway.

After 2 weeks, I decided to phone Primus again hoping everything would go through before the 25 days. I had to wait on hold for a long time again.

On one of my calls I waited over 60 minutes and finally hung up. On this particular phone call, I was given a number to call and check if my long distance had been switched over yet.

From that day forward, I kept checking that long distance number every day. A few days before the 25th day I phoned and spoke to a manager who said it still hasn’t been switched over yet.

On October 12th I was told my Primus service was all switched over. Then on the 25th day I called asking why my service wasn’t switched over. I was told by a CSR (now get this), that the long distance portion was never switched over. Well needless to say, I freaked. That’s the only reason I switched to Primus in the first place.

The CSR said there were no managers available to speak to me and he gave me a credit. A credit that is worthless because I still wasn’t on Primus. Not for my residential portion either.

How did I know this you ask?

Because I didn’t have to redo all my voice mail messages.

This CSR told me that it would take 5-7 business days to transfer over the long distance portion.

I wasn’t happy, but I decided I had already waiting this long, why not another week.

I was given the impression within 2-3 days it should be moved over.

Two days later I called and spoke to another manager who gave me another $20 credit and apologized.

Then my partner called a few days later and they told him something else. Finally I called my way upto the President’s office and got a not too friendly Executive Assistant who wouldn’t return my calls. Then finally she had someone else call me and that woman who was very nice and professional gave me a code to use for long distance until I was switched over on or around December 12th.

Do you know when I finally got my service???

March 11, 2005.


I’m STILL having problems with

I can’t call a person back from my caller ID list because Primus puts brackets around the area code. I have been told on numerous times that the circuits are busy when I dial out and now I found out they don’t have visual call waiting.

I also found out that they have been charging us for long distance charges as of January after I was told I would get this code to make as many long distance calls as I wanted because of their screwups.

I really don’t remember what happened in the end. I think I moved and of course, never got again.

I can see just y searching their name that they have like 1 1/2 stars and even people who work for them give them a low rating on Glassdoor.


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