Business Partners Review

Business Partners ReviewSo while this is an old review, the company is still around and therefore I feel people need to know what I went through with them.

In fact I’m shocked that they are still in business after everything I went through with them back in 2004.

This is their site.

And their full company name is Business Partners Network LLC

So here’s the business partners review story…

July 22, 2004 – I will keep you up-to-date on what happens with this company. So far, it looks like they are a scam.

On July 9, 2004 I went to their site to place an ad looking for business partners. Stupid me should have known better since I’ve been on the net for so long.

The warning was when it said the charge would be re-occurring monthly. I just figured I would e-mail them to find out how to cancel after a month or two when I found a business partner.

I did e-mail them within an hour of placing my ad and paying for it. I never heard from them. I tried e-mailing them from my hotmail account thinking maybe my other e-mail was placed in their junk folder. Still no response.

Then I went to Whois to see what I could find out. I phoned the 2 phone numbers there. The first number was now owned by an individual who said he’s had his number for the last 3 years and has no idea where to reach

The next phone number was out of service. Then I proceeded to e-mail both of the e-mail addresses listed on their site. One came back undeliverable, the other one, no answer.

Then I phoned Network Solutions and now there is a ticket open, but it could take a month before Network Solutions does something about this site.

I also received an e-mail from someone who saw my ad. When I talked to him about it, he said he’s been on there for 2 months and they also haven’t returned his e-mails. He also said that one of the ads he responded to was placed many years earlier and they gave him attitude asking him why he’s contacting them when their ad shouldn’t even be on that site.

From WhoIs and exactly WHY I was livid when WhoIs got shut down. Now companies online can scam you and get away with it because you can’t even see their details.

Berman, Greg (GB6943) [email protected]
EFI International4577 Gunn hwy Suite 1114
Tampa, FL 33624
fax: 813-269-0017

Technical Contact:
Pedersen, Linda (LP253) [email protected]
581WESLEY CHAPEL, FL 33543-9242
(813) 991-7979
fax: (813) 994-8181

I finally realized there is a link that allows you to unsubscribe, but I never saw it before because it was so small and hidden. Or, they could have added it in after I started to complain.

I know that most people wouldn’t have noticed it. It did work and I wasn’t charged on my credit card again, BUT, this company still seems to be missing in action.

The Better Business Bureau did write to me and told me they are also getting no response from them.

11/08/04 – update… now they private registered their domain name so you can’t talk to someone live at all. They continue to show signs of unprofessionalism in my opinion.

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