My TemplateMonster Review

TemplateMonsterThis is my templatemoster review from many years ago. I’m moving reviews from a very old site to this site. Since this company is still around, I’m posting my experiences. Although I did buy my first template from them about 3 years ago back in 2001, I had the feeling they weren’t very good when it came to customer service or business. I was to talk business with one of the owners regarding a business deal I was interested in setting up and we scheduled a phone meeting but I never heard from him. I tried to follow up several times and he wouldn’t return my Yahoo IMs or call me.

Now it’s 2004 and it seems things have gotten worse. I needed a new template for a complicated web site and I didn’t know what to look under in their search box. I told them this and asked for someone to help me but I was told no one could. I even e-mailed them on their site where it says that a designer will help you choose a template and no one ever got back to me.

I finally got the technical support number from online support and spoke to a guy named Henry. He also seems to be the same person (or same name) who does the online support. He wouldn’t put me through to a manager saying the guy left, but he did tell me the guy’s name is David Brown. I left a message with Henry for this David Brown and never got a return phone call. When I started calling the number again a week later, I got a fast busy signal. Same thing the next day, so I went back to online support. Henry (I think they just use specific names for code) was there and when I asked if David Brown was in, he said no, he’s on a business trip. I asked to speak to another manager and suddenly Henry wasn’t able to type anymore. I starting typing “hello?”, “hello?” and he still wouldn’t say anything. I even logged back in and he STILL wouldn’t say anything and I really hate being ignored. I told him I was going to out them and he still didn’t respond.

A lot of these companies think that if they have customers, they don’t need any more and what does it hurt if they lose one customer, but always remember, one customer who isn’t happy and spreads the word, will put a huge dent in your profits plus, I feel it’s immoral to conduct business this way. Oh and I almost forgot, a database programmer I spoke to several months back was trying to steer me away from buying a template from TemplateMonster because she said they give terrible customer service, so clearly I am not the only one who has had this problem with TemplateMonster.

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