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Review of Prints Pics n More

Prints Pics n More does passport photos which is why I went to them back in October 2015.

I am sorry for the delay in writing up this complaint about Prints Pics n More, but I forgot about them, I tried to get Yelp to add them to their site, but considering Yelp is a terrible company that removes complaints whenever they feel like or if they are paid off by companies, they never responded back to my e-mail. There’s several times when they’ve ignored my e-mails.

Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what happened with Prints Pics n More. I remember the owner was an okay nice guy. A Canadian who lives in Las Vegas and has for years.

Most people in Vegas are clueless and they had NO idea how to do Canadian passport photos which aren’t the same as American passport photos. They tell you they can do it, but in the end I found out they CAN’T.

Canada is a ton more strict about the photos, their background colors, and their sizing is slightly different as well.

I wasted minimum 2 days and time with Costco twice. I wasted time at another passport photo place and finally came across Prints Pics n More after calling place after place. They had the software to do it.

While I was about to get the photos done, the guy who if memory serves me, was really a doctor (this should be a warning sign when a doctor also sells services to do passport photos) tells me I shouldn’t have to spend tons of money on FedEx. He said just snail mail the photos through USPS.

My original intent was to FedEx them over as I was concerned they wouldn’t get there.

Due to this guy telling me that he snail mails letters or something to Canada all the time, I unfortunately believed him and just sent them regular mail.

They NEVER ended up getting to my mother’s, and it took weeks before Canada post figured out it was the sub mail courier who was to blame. At least it wasn’t USPS.

Prior to me finding out this was the issue, I had to go back to Prints Pics n More to get them redone again, and I had remembered seeing the pricing on the wall. To get a second set done was much less expensive.

This time I either couldn’t see the pricing on the wall as it had been removed, or I just assumed the woman behind the counter KNEW the pricing.

She said he didn’t have to do anything, she would do it and she was already giving me attitude and busy talking socially instead of doing her JOB.

I had someone who was driving me waiting outside, so I was stressed thinking I was going to be in and out within 10-15 minutes because that’s how long it was last time.

I knew my photos were still inside the camera and it was just a matter or printing off new ones.

All of a sudden after waiting FOREVER, she tries to charge me full price.

I’m like nooo, the second set is XYZ price.

She starts to get angry at me, saying that’s only if you order them at the same time. I refused to pay the full price.

I guess she went back to talk to the doctor and he finally told her to charge me the second set price.


She had been a total bitch from the beginning, wasted my time and THEN tries to overcharge me.

That was the jist of it.

Prints Pics n More

3520 E Tropicana Ste D-1
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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