Snow’s HVAC Services
36 Newman Court
Brampton, Ontario
L6S 5T1
Dean – 647-297-7669
Joe – 647-409-0270

I needed to get my gas stove installed in the new house I was going to be moving in to, so I put an ad on Craig’s List hoping to find someone reasonably priced.

I can’t remember if Dean from Snow’s HVAC Services contacted me, or I contacted his ad, but we ended up speaking.

He was very attentive & even came over to uninstall the current gas stove to get it ready for moving.

I must have talked to about 6-7 guys & they all came in higher than Dean.

He was friendly, down to earth & even went out of his way to check something else for me regarding the air conditioning, so I will definitely use him & Joe in the future when I need them. I tried to get the landlords here to use them, but what can I say, ethnic groups unfortunately tend to be racist at times, & tend to stick with their own & Dean & Joe are as Canadian as you can get

Thanks guys


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