Ok, I’ll be upfront here and say I’m not 100% sure about Steve Cornwall, he may just be very disorganized and not up to snuff on customer service.

As you read, you’ll understand.

Steve Cornwall owns Lift Labour Services here in the Toronto area. He also has another company called RenOvateGTA.

His number is 647-892-5438 and e-mail address is [email protected]

I first came across him on Craig’s List where he advertised doing contract work.

I never hired him then, but we talked a lot on the phone and he followed up by e-mailing me. Overall I found him to be a nice intelligent person.

After several months went by, I called him because I remembered he told me he does moving and his prices sounded like a good deal and that he knew what he was doing.

We booked the move for September the 5th, 2007.

I spoke to him 2 more times, he was even going to get his guys to put up shelves and things for me after the move.

He stated that I should book a Uhaul so it would be cheaper for me, so I did.

His guys were supposed to arrive at 9:30 am.

The day before I called him several times and left messages because I got no confirmation call & I had some questions as well.

Not once did he call me back, but I thought he would call later on in the night because he was busy working for the Toronto Film Festival (or so he claimed).

12 midnight rolled around and he still hadn’t called.

By 8 am the following morning I knew he wasn’t going to show, I didn’t even remember if I had given him my address, so how could he?

It’s now 9:45 am, the day I’m supposed to be moving, & not a word. I called him several times & of course he isn’t picking up the phone.

Update: At some point during my move that day after me wasting 1 1/2 hours trying to find a mover in my price range who was actually available on such short notice, I noticed there was a VM message on my cell phone. This was around 4 pm.

How I managed to get the message during this stressful time is beyond me. I don’t even know why he didn’t call on my home line, as it was still working all throughout the day. I didn’t get an e-mail either.

It was from Steve at 8:20 am on the 5th.

He claims he was stuck in New York, that he didn’t have my number, so he had to wake someone up to get it for him. Like he didn’t know the night before he wasn’t going to make it?

Also he told me he wasn’t doing the move, his guys were.

He also stated he had poor reception only getting my messages just now.

Steve, that’s what landlines are for. Last I heard, they have those in NYC Smiley

He did apologize and said he was going to call some other guy & have him call me because he’s good, but I never heard from anyone.

He also said he’d call back in a while, but I had the phone with me the entire time and no call.

It’s 5 days after the move, still no voice to voice word from him.

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