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I’m actually starting this post to see if other people who have used 1 shopping cart which has an all-in-one system that handles the shopping cart, affiliate software, auto responder software, have become increasingly frustrated with the software itself.

It doesn’t look like it was ever coded properly, & all they keep doing is adding on a few minor features here or there, but never fixing the problems that I have been pointing out to them for almost 2 1/2 years now with software that is probably VERY archaic.

I tried moving over to Goldbar and that was a nightmare and a half, not to mention all the money I wasted moving over.

Here’s my post on that

Anyway, please post away about, I want to hear your stories & level of frustration.

There are sooo many die hard 1shoppingcart members (I used to be one), that saying anything negative is hard when they have so much loyalty.

I still enjoy dealing with some of the customer service reps over there like Tom, Serena when she is working, & Andrew is okay as a manager, but the software is what my main issue is, & we all know that tech support or customer service has no control over what the big wigs do with their company & product.



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  1. For the last 3+ weeks now I’ve had very slow access to the site.

    Sometimes it takes 5 minutes just to get into a client’s record. Being a very fast worker & where my mind goes a mile a minute, this is terrible.

    1 shopping cart knows of the issue, doesn’t seem to be fixing it fast enough, & now won’t even give me a discount because of these problems saying this is just an issue with a hosted solution.

    I guess the fact that I have been with 1SC for 2 1/2 years now doesn’t account for much.

    To be clear, I put in a ticket on this weeks ago, was then told it was all in my head/computer, then I had to try to get a supervisor to speak to me, finally had to go to the manager because no one was returning my calls.

    If this happened once or twice, ok, fine, but for me to have to work twice as hard to get any work done is not acceptable.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?



  2. I’ve also been disappointed with I needed a basic shopping cart for my client, Whittingham Meats ( I had to overcome a series of obstacles:

    – They don’t create product pages or support templates for them. As a result, I needed to create them myself, maintaining my own product list and details in addition to entering the same information with them. I got the job of keeping everything in synch in 2 places.

    – They don’t support gift certificates directly. I had to enter them as though they were just another “product.” I need to email or mail them myself. Customers can’t redeem them on checking out. They’re not tracked separately.

    – Customers who choose PayPal are forced to enter their billing address. One of the reasons for using PayPal is to avoid having to enter it every time a purchase is made.

    – Until recently, they didn’t have a toll-free number for technical support.

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