The Mexican Restaurant & Taco House in Leamington, Ontario
113 Talbot

So we had just moved to the area, were starving, in pain from the move, etc. & we get to this place recommended by someone at our bank.

We figured the food was going to be good because it’s cooked by real Mexicans, but not only were we wrong about that, the entire experience turned into an emotional nightmare.

The food was bland, & the guacamole was too spicy. I had asked if it was spicy & the owner said no. When I got it, not only was it spicy, it was red. I’ve eaten guacamole my entire life, since when is it ever red?

So he starts mumbling that it’s the least spicy he can make it & takes it away. It was also a small little cup which seemed a lot for $4.50.

When we asked for the bill, it took them a very long time to get it to us even though the table beside us arrived after we did & had already been served their food. We were exhausted & just wanted to get out of there, but we tried to be patient.

Finally the bill comes & I’m shocked.  On a piece of paper is the amount of $40.05, no actual bill, no list of items we purchased, NOTHING, so we ask for the menu because I wanted to add up our items to make sure we were paying the right amount since it seemed a little high, but I didn’t know how much the margarita was because it wasn’t listed on the menu.

When we ask for the menu, the owner’s wife who looks like she is one of the most unhappy people ever gives us the menu & then runs into the back to tell her husband that I said I just wanted to add the items up because there was no itemized bill. He comes out & starts mumbling that he’s NOT a crook. I never said he was. I never even implied it.

I DON’T pay bills unless I see what I’m paying for, PERIOD! And I’ve had restaurants either miscalculate on the bill or try to rip us off by padding the bill. It never even crossed my mind that this guy was doing this, but he was taking offense to me wanting to add up the bill on my own which is MY right.

I said I’ve never seen a bill that isn’t itemized before.

So he starts raising his voice saying “YOU WANT ALL THE ITEMS, I’LL GIVE YOU ALL THE ITEMS!!!”

He walks into the back (I guess one has to go into the kitchen in order to do simple math) & it takes FOREVER for him to come out with the bill.

FINALLY he comes out & I start to review it, but he’s getting angrier by the minute, as if ME asking to see what I’m paying for is a new concept in retail or restaurant management.

I told him I didn’t appreciate his attitude & he starts spewing that in 7 years I’m the ONLY customer who’s ever complained. I find this all very funny. First, either his patrons don’t know good or great food from average or okay food, or they are too afraid to complain because look what happens when a person does speak up.

I DIDN’T even complain about the food that wasn’t worth what I paid for (he also got my son’s order wrong, we wanted chicken not beef), all I asked for was an itemized bill. I hadn’t mentioned even once that his food sucked because I just chalked it up to me having to deal with all the other below average restaurants we have been eating in within the Windsor area.

So I saw that the guy had taken off the guacamole which was great, but I didn’t understand something, so I asked what that amount was for, he told me, fine, I understood that, but then I asked what this other charge was & he said it was for fries. Turns out he charged us for my son’s fries.

When my son asked if he could replace his salad with fries, the owner NEVER said it will be an extra $2 charge, he said “sure, doesn’t make any difference to me.” Of course it doesn’t make any difference to him, he just slips in another price & then feels you shouldn’t ask questions, you should just PAY IT.

So I told him you never told us it was going to be more, he then lied & said he did tell us. This starts an argument, because I don’t tolerate people who lie & had I known it was going to be more, I would have said no you can’t have it to my son.

Now he starts yelling even more, “you want me to take off the $2, here I’ll take it OFF!” & he almost rips the paper in 2 with his anger. That’s when I stopped & stared at him. This guy has SERIOUS anger issues & clearly has NO RESPECT for his customers. He started getting more & more angry at me & said, “YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY ANYTHING?” I never said I didn’t want to pay anything, but now that he mentioned it, I didn’t know what to do because now I really did NOT want to give this asshole any of my hard earned money that is in very short demand. I only like giving my money to people who are nice people with quality products or services, & actually respect their customers, not just use them to get money out of them.

I was going to pay by Interact, but decided I wasn’t going to do that. I just wanted out of there, now I had a headache from all the stress dealing with this guy. I walk over to get my stuff from the table, told my son to go get him $40 from the car, & I told the guy I was going to get him $40 cash & started to walk out. This freakazoid starts chasing me out of the restaurant yelling & screaming at me. He starts taking down my license plate number while my son is getting the $40 from my purse.

My son gives it to him & the guy just can’t stop yelling. No thank you nothing, he then threatens to call the police, so I scream at him to call the police.

My son had to go in to get a package of meat we had him put in his freezer & the looser starts yelling about the money again even after getting all of it when I shouldn’t have even given him 1/2. Then he yells to my son that he should tell me I should never come back, like anyone in their right mind would go back to this deeply angry person who treats his customers this way & his food is mediocre at best.

My son was sooo angry, he was ready to beat the guy up if he even tried to lay a finger on me. He couldn’t believe how we had been treated just because we asked to see a menu so we could add up our food since we weren’t given an itemized bill.

I think Revenue Canada needs to take a look at this guy’s books. He must be hiding something to get sooo angry at a customer who wants to see an itemized bill.

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