Our experiences with Minisite Frog

Brent Turner & Joe Temple www.MinisiteFrog.com www.pulpminisites.com [email protected] [email protected] So I guess I was on their list, & I received an e-mail regarding them launching their new site called Minisite Frog. Supposedly they were closing down Pulp Minisites, which now that I think about it seems suspicious to me. Anyway, I wrote to them because … Read more

The Original Soup Man

The Original Soup Man Welcome to The Original Soupman So here is what happened. The Original Soup Man opens up in the Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario, & I just happen to LOVE SOUP, so I was quite excited & was really really hoping the soup would be great so I could go in there … Read more

Canadian Choice

Canadian Choice www.cdnchoice.com Arif Ahmed – Operations Manager [email protected] 604.940.8891 877-332-8188 So here is what happened. I’ve been trying to find a store to buy the Cape Herb & Spice Company spices that I have purchased for at least 7 years, if not longer. http://www.capeherb.com/index.asp I e-mailed Cape Herb & Spice Company asking them where … Read more

The Mexican Restaurant & Taco House in Leamington, Ontario

The Mexican Restaurant & Taco House in Leamington, Ontario 113 Talbot 519-322-0666 So we had just moved to the area, were starving, in pain from the move, etc. & we get to this place recommended by someone at our bank. We figured the food was going to be good because it’s cooked by real Mexicans, … Read more

Companies I’m here for you…

While I didn’t start this blog to offer my services as a customer service liaison, I think that being such a detailed consumer who really cares about customer service, I have the qualifications to help companies step up to the plate and rework some (or many) areas of their business so their customers love them … Read more