Andy Smith ignores e-mails

Andy Smith [email protected] I first started asking questions about their animated e-book covers & Andy answered my questions. Then the minute I started to ask more detailed questions & asked him to give me a price for what I needed so I could potentially get Andy’s company to do graphic website … Read more

Our experiences with Minisite Frog

Brent Turner & Joe Temple [email protected] [email protected] So I guess I was on their list, & I received an e-mail regarding them launching their new site called Minisite Frog. Supposedly they were closing down Pulp Minisites, which now that I think about it seems suspicious to me. Anyway, I wrote to them because … Read more


I’ve been a member of forums (I call them message boards – MBs) since around 2004 & I love them. They are a great way to get fast answers to questions you have regarding any topic known to man/woman, assuming there is a forum for that topic. In fact I love them so much, I’ve … Read more

Water For Life USA

My Review of Water For Life USA the company This was my terrible experience when I reached out to Water For Life USA which is the US sales division of the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer and KYK Genesis Water Ionizer. This is probably the worst experience I’ve ever had in pre-sales. The US site is 1.877.255.3713 … Read more

Sterling Technologies in Toronto, Ontario

STERLING TECHNOLOGIES 2141 KIPLING AVE., UNIT 8 [email protected] I was in the market for a used laptop, so I posted on Craigs List. Note to people who aren’t aware, while Craig’s List is free, the quality of people on it can be very very shady. That’s both if you are looking for team members, or … Read more