Subway Restaurant on Erie Street in Leamington, Ontario

Subway Restaurant 270 Erie St Unit 3 Leamington ON N8H 3L5 519-322-1500 Annie So this is a warning to all parents of teenage kids who live in Canada. I won’t generalize about all Subway locations in Canada because I can’t be sure, but this is the experience my son & I had with the Subway … Read more

Courtesy Bicycles (Bikes) in Windsor, Ontario

I was in the market for buying a bike in Windsor because I was finally in a city where I felt comfortable biking & I wanted to start getting into shape. At first I made the mistake of purchasing a bike from Costco. I love Costco a lot, but when it comes to bikes, they … Read more

The Mexican Restaurant & Taco House in Leamington, Ontario

The Mexican Restaurant & Taco House in Leamington, Ontario 113 Talbot 519-322-0666 So we had just moved to the area, were starving, in pain from the move, etc. & we get to this place recommended by someone at our bank. We figured the food was going to be good because it’s cooked by real Mexicans, … Read more

Zahi Haifa & John Woelk – Century 21 Erie Shores Realty Inc.

Zahi Haifa & John Woelk 519-791-2868 [email protected] Century 21 Erie Shores Realty Inc. – 519-326-8661 Zi’s number – 519-816-4488 Property – 51 Cherokee, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 3G5 So here is my story. I found their ad on for their house for rent short term. I called them anyway to discuss whether we can do … Read more