[email protected] from Australia

This person “claimed” they wanted to get a merchant account & I help people get merchant accounts.

I made the mistake of believing that they wanted a bit more information before filling out my simple form as they didn’t know who I was. I couldn’t do anything for them until they filled out this form, as I had to pass the information along to my associate who gets people merchant accounts.

They wasted my time for 9 days never filling out the form even though I bent over backwards to get them information & to prove to them that we are indeed two legitimate companies.

In the end I finally put my foot down & said I don’t deal with people who play games & waste my time. When you decide to fill out the form let me know, otherwise I’m not interested.

I won’t repeat what they said, all I will tell you is that they were childish & nasty & of course like all children, blamed me for putting my foot down.

Beware of people who run businesses & refuse to fill out simple information online. Most (not all), are just wasting your precious time playing games. Any serious person (company) has no problem filling out personal information. I do it all the time & I’ve been online since 1998 & running my businesses since 2004. I’ve NEVER had a problem after filling out a form.

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