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http://www.burtsbees.ca http://www.burtsbees.com So I started buying Burts Bee’s products recently, & I was considering getting their skin care line, but they didn’t seem to have a selection for different types of skin types, so I decided to call them. BIG MISTAKE First I went to their website & there was NO PHONE NUMBER. I absolutely … Read more

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[email protected] from Australia This person “claimed” they wanted to get a merchant account & I help people get merchant accounts. I made the mistake of believing that they wanted a bit more information before filling out my simple form as they didn’t know who I was. I couldn’t do anything for them until they filled … Read more

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http://www.NicheWidget.com David Perdew Maximize Communications, Inc. 256.318.5202 cell 256.796.8698 home http://www.MaximizeCommunications.com http://www.MyResellRightsGoldmine.com http://www.WorldWantingPeace.com http://www.Bad-Dad.com http://www.TurnYourKnowledgeIntoCashOnline.com Ok, my complaint is with Niche Widgets. I know nothing about any of the other sites David owns. We signed up for their affiliate program, & within a few weeks, noticed that they didn’t have a proper tracking system for … Read more