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Another issue with someone selling a laptop on Craig’s List.

I e-mailed with him 9 times starting on Wednesday. I am clearly someone who is serious.

After checking on certain things, I say I’m coming into Toronto on Thursday to pick it up. I live in Brampton which is around 20-30 minutes away from Toronto, but based on where George lived, it would have taken me an hour.

Never once does he tell me I better come in on Thursday, he has someone else interested.

Since it’s a long treck in since I lived in Brampton, I couldn’t make it in on Thursday, so I tell him Friday for sure.

I don’t hear from him. When I woke up first thing in the afternoon around 3 pm I wrote to him telling him I’m still here.

I find out later on when I call him on his cell that he’s got another person interested. I said you know that I was interested, I said I can’t believe you’d tell someone else you still have it after all that, meaning us communicating for 3 days now.

Then he says he has to wait until he gets home at 7 to see if the guy is still interested. What? Guys are more important than women now? I had been e-mailing with him long before whoever this other guy is.

At 6:55 pm I call him saying I’m on my way & I e-mailed him as well to follow up because he told me to give him 1 hours notice.

The next thing I know, he says he sold it. When I call him to confront him on giving me the run around, that’s when I get the BS that oh, you were supposed to come in the night before which was just his excuse since I told him why I coluldn’t make it, & I kept in touch with him every step of the way.

So, I ended up wasting 3 days with this guy & I needed the laptop real fast since I was going out of town.

He claimed he was a professional.

Yes, I can see how professional he is stringing me along like that.


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