I promise, the last laptop horror story LOL

I call him up re: his laptop, as you know I was still looking.

I was confused about his ad being in the Toronto section of Craig’s List, & so I simply asked in a very nice jovial way why his number isn’t a Toronto number. I mean, was he here in Toronto or what, because I needed the laptop yesterday.

He responds, “what’s the deal, are you interested, or did you just call to bitch about my phone number?” I said, “Oh my god!” totally shocked at the unexpected response. He then hung up on me.

Serious anger issues this guy has, your choice if you want to deal with someone like that.

Why are all these guys selling laptops soooo nasty?

Man, people just aren’t happy in Toronto & Americans think that Canadians are so nice LOL, yeh right.

Here was Jeff’s ad…

Pentium III – 900Mhz 256Mb RAM 30 Gb Hard Drive DVD rom Modem LAN PS2 Video RGB-S-Video Battery last 1.3 hrs … Windows XPpro fresh install (Don’t Email) Call Jeff at 289-314-6539 (Add $30 for the pcmcia wireless card)

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