Carbonite, Inc. 177 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 617-587-1100 617-587-1157 Toll Free: 877-665-4466 David Friend, Co-founder and CEO I didn’t realize so many others have had problems & complaints with Carbonite. Just do a search. At first I thought they were a top notch company & I started selling for them after I became … Read more

Nisim International

Affiliate Issues with Nisim International Here is what happened when I tried to become a Nisim International affiliate. While this is a very old post, you should take note of what I had to go thorough with How backwards their staff was, how they can’t even hire proper programmers or website coders, and how … Read more

Commission Junction

Commission Junction In my opinion, Commission Junction has always been one of THE most difficult sites. How they continue to do business is beyond me. I hadn’t dealt with them in a very long time, & recently I wanted to sign up to an affiliate program that used Commission Junction. I had a … Read more