Review of Textbroker

My Review of Textbroker So here is my review of Textbroker and why I will never hire their writers. Their writers should also know this because they lose money when clients don’t use the site. Details About Textbroker Textbroker International, LLC 8076 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89117 702-534-3832 Jan Becker-Fochler is … Read more

My Review of So I’m shocked is still in business, but this is how the telecommunications industry controls everything, including the government. I didn’t know they had MORE power than the PHARMA MAFIA until I started learning about 5G back in 2018. Anyway, I’m moving this review from a very old site to … Read more

Business Partners Review

Business Partners Review So while this is an old review, the company is still around and therefore I feel people need to know what I went through with them. In fact I’m shocked that they are still in business after everything I went through with them back in 2004. This is their site. And … Read more


My TemplateMonster Review This is my templatemoster review from many years ago. I’m moving reviews from a very old site to this site. Since this company is still around, I’m posting my experiences. Although I did buy my first template from them about 3 years ago back in 2001, I had the feeling they weren’t … Read more

Complaint about

Complaint about Here is my Complaint about I was looking for a throwaway phone number to use just once for a site I was going to contact. This company had a 14 day trial which I felt was sufficient time to see if the site I contacted would call me. wanted a … Read more

Review for The Arc Solutions

Review for The Arc Solutions This is my review for The Arc Solutions. Here is their information below and yes, they are from India. 91 95549 46321 646-854-9449 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Tweets by thearcsolutions So I found this company from a freelancer on Upwork who gave me the link to their YouTube Channel … Read more


ACN Digital Phone Service This is my review of ACN which provides digital phone services plus Internet. It’s also an MLM (multi level marketing) company which may be one of the reasons for their terrible customer service and people with below average brain cells. I’ve been a long time customer of ACN since 2012 when … Read more

Mind Media

Review of Mind Media Here is my review of Mind Media and in full disclosure, this happened in 2010. It was in my draft folder and I decided to finally edit it and post. 849 Almar Ave. C-187 Santa Cruz CA 95060 877-687-4437 [email protected] So I happened across this forum, and I … Read more

Secure ebook

All and All Secure ebook was terrible Secure ebook caused me stressor after eight years of being their customer. Since it’s very hard to find alternatives to lock down your PDF files so people don’t pass them around, I never moved. Plus, redoing all the files with the new PDF security software isn’t easy, so … Read more